Call for Participation

Last modified by Clément Aubin on 2023/11/09

Call for Participation

This is the call for participation in the FOSDEM 2024 devroom on Collaboration and Content Management, to be held on Saturday, February 3rd 2024 at the ULB Solbosch Campus, in Brussels, Belgium.

The main goal of this devroom is to discuss and present new software, tools, techniques, and methods when it comes to building Open Source software for collaboration. Over the past years, with challenges on EU digital sovereignty following COVID, the ecosystem of Open Source collaborative tools has seen a significant growth. This has uncovered new areas of discussion and challenges that fit the scope of FOSDEM :

  • Protocols for interoperability between collaboration platforms
  • Empowering users with new ways to collaborate securely (zero knowledge collaboration, sovereignty)
  • Technical solutions to provide support for multiple collaboration platforms to work together

This year, we are looking for contributions under the form of conferences, talks, or discussions covering one of the topics above, or any of the following :

  • New projects presentation
  • Self-hosted platforms
  • Secure collaboration
  • Collaborative applications
  • Connectors & Integrations
  • Knowledge management techniques
  • Protocols for collaboration

2024 will also be the 5th anniversary of the devroom. As for the previous years, we hope to provide an opportunity for everyone to meet and exchange about collaborative issues encountered while using Open Source solutions ; present some tools used for content management and discuss global solutions for incentivizing collaboration.

Submission process

Please submit your proposals at before December 10th 2023.

When submitting your proposal, make sure you choose the “Collaboration and Content Management” in the track drop-down menu. Otherwise, your proposal might go unnoticed. Don't hesitate to include an estimate of the time needed for your talk in the speaker notes.

Once the schedule of the devroom is finalized, we will contact you in order to help you prepare your talk.

Important dates

December 10th 2023: deadline for submission of proposals
December 15th 2023 or before: announcement of final schedule
February 3rd 2024: devroom day


As previous years, the talks and Q/A sessions will be recorded. The recordings will be published under the same license as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY). By agreeing to present at FOSDEM, you automatically give permission to be recorded. The organizers will agree to make exceptions but only for exceptional and well-reasoned cases.


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