How to control edit Panels?

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2019/05/21

It's possible to control the list of edit panels displayed in edit modes by overriding the editpanelsvars.vm template file in a custom skin for example.

You can then control which panels are displayed in edit mode. Here are the default values:

## Define variables containing the list of edit panels for the skin
#set($editorPanelsWysiwyg = "Panels.DocumentInformation,Panels.EditTranslations")
#set($editorPanelsWiki = "Panels.DocumentInformation,Panels.EditTranslations,Panels.SyntaxHelp")
#set($editorPanelsObjects = "")
#set($editorPanelsClass = "")
#set($editorPanelsRights = "")
#set($editorPanelsHistory = "")

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