How does XWiki support data types?

Last modified by Oana Florea on 2019/01/21

XWiki Data Types

On top of the standard list of properties (see new classes can be created in XWiki (e.g. AddressClass, PersonClass, QuantityClass). Basically all complex types can be created using standard data types (string, number, boolean, date, etc). Similar to any programming language, in XWiki you can have primitive types ("xproperties") and complex types ("xclasses").
To have a "Person" displayed in another AWM you can just use a Database List.

Facet search results

The list of facets is configurable and you can add facets for the properties for a class (e.g. the facet "property.Blog.BlogPostClass.publishDate_date" for the "publishDate" on the class "Blog.BlogPostClass"):
The facets have a standard display, but you can customise it if needed (the link above just adds the facet in the list).

Data conversion

Some conversion can be done between standard types (e.g. "Number" to "String" will work, but "String" to "Number" might have an issue when the value is not a number).

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