How to add borders to tables?

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10

Global Level

The Flamingo skin (and some other skins) don't show vertical borders by default. If you want to change that you can add a  StyleSheet Extension (SSX) xobject (i.e. XWiki.StyleSheetExtension) to any wiki page of your choosing (you can create a new page just for this for example), with the following content:

.main th, .main td, .wiki-table th, .wiki-table td {
   border: 1px solid #E8E8E8;
   padding: 3px 4px;

You could also decide to have some background colors for table headers by adding:

th {
   background-color: #F3F3F3;
   font-weight: 700;

And if you don't want the table to take the full width you could add:

table {
 width: auto;

Table Level

It's also possible to say that you want border just for a specific table using the table-bordered CSS class. For example in XWiki Syntax 2.0+:


And if you want a hover effect (you can combine it with borders too):


More generally all the Bootstrap styles can be used.

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