Basics: What's special about XWiki?

Last modified by Simon Urli on 2023/10/10

XWiki is a second-generation wiki. What we mean by this is that XWiki is a wiki, but it also is an application development platform in its own right. An application is a set of pages that adds new functionality to the wiki - such as a blog or a task manager.

XWiki offers both the features expected from a professional wiki (such as powerful access rights and user management) and the possibility to create new applications on top of the platform. This means that you can extend the wiki's feature set with new ones pretty easily. For instance, you could create a FAQ or an application to manage product sheets.

4 examples of how XWiki is being used - clockwise from top left:
as a community hub, as a presentation website, as a public
wiki and discussion platform, as an education solution.

This allows XWiki to be used for a variety of use cases, such as:

  • Intranets
  • Public web sites
  • Knowledge management
  • CMS needs
  • Project collaboration
  • Portal with mashed-up data from external sources
  • Competitive intelligence,
  • Public debate, 
  • Collaborative creation of school courses
  • and more...

XWiki comes with a number of applications already built-in, detailed on the Features page.

A list of applications and macros for XWiki is available on the extensions wiki.

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