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2 This page describes how you can create new users from within XWiki. If you're looking for LDAP integration, [[please give a look to this page instead.>>]]
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5 = Create a new user in your wiki =
7 Now that your wiki has a brand new logo, updated colors and great panels, it's time to add a couple of users:
9 * Go to ##Administration > Users & Rights > Users##
10 * Click “Create user”
11 * Fill in the fields and click "Save"
13 Your new user has been created!
14 You can remove the user by clicking on the red "X" located next to the "Last name" in the "Manage" column - should you wish to do so.
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18 = Manage user groups in your wiki =
20 Now that you have created a couple of users, you can add them to groups to manage them more easily:
22 * Go to ##Administration > Users & Rights >Groups##
23 * Click on "Add group"
24 * Fill the group name and click on “Create group"
26 Now that you have created your group, you will want to also add users to it:
28 * Click on the small pencil located to the right of your group's name in the "Manage" column
29 * In the “Users to add” field, start typing the name of an user
30 * Select the user of your choice from the suggestion list that starts appearing below the input field
31 * Click on "Add"
33 Once you've finished adding users to the group, click on the "X" button located top right.
34 Your users are now group members!
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39 You can find more information about [[managing users and groups in your wiki on>>platform:Features.UsersAndGroupsManagement]]
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43 **Next: [[Step 6 Setting user rights>>SettingUserRights]]**
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