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3 = Changing the logo and the panels =
5 Changing the logo and the panels are the first actions you are likely to undertake when starting a new wiki. The following explanations apply to the Flamingo skin.
7 The following explanations provide you with basic guidelines. Please refer to [[the skin page>>xwiki:Documentation.UserGuide.Features.Skins]] and [[the complete skinning guide on>>xwiki:Documentation.AdminGuide.Skins]] if you're willing to heavily customize your wiki.
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10 Hint: open links in a new tab in order to keep this page available for reference throughout the process.
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13 == Changing the logo ==
15 Many methods can be used to change your wiki's logo. The method described here is the simplest of all:
17 1. Edit the currently used Flamingo Theme (by going to ##Administration > Look & Feel > Themes > Color Theme > Customize##
18 1. Go the the "Logos" section of the variables
19 1. Click on the "Choose an attachment" button, just beneath the ##@logo## variable.
20 1. Select from one of the existing image attachments on the theme page.
21 1. Otherwise, if you'd like to upload a new logo image, click "Browse", choose a file from your computer and then click "Upload and select".(((
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25 == Changing your wiki's background color ==
27 If you're using the Flamingo skin, you can also change your wiki's background color pretty easily:
29 * Go to the currently used Flamingo Theme as before
30 * Change the colors from the “Base color” section in the editor
31 * Click on the "Save & View" button at the bottom of the page. Your wiki is now running under a new color scheme!(((
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35 == Changing your wiki's panels ==
37 In XWiki you can add panels to enhance the look and navigation of your wiki.
39 Go to the “Page Layout” tab ( ##Administration > Look & Feel > Panels##). The "Page Layout" tab allows you to:
41 * Define whether you want a right column, a left column, both or none
42 * Set the width of these columns to small, medium or large
43 * Specify the list of panels you’d like to display on both the left and the right column.(((
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47 The "Panel List" tab allows you to select which panels you want to display.
49 * Drag & Drop the panels you want to use from the middle of the page to the columns
50 * Drag & Drop the panels you want to remove from the columns to the middle of the page
51 * Drag & Drop the panels you want to move from one place in the column to another
52 * Once you're happy with the result, click on "Save" at the bottom of the page. Your wiki now has new panels ordered to your preference.(((
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57 **Next: [[Step 5 Creating new users>>CreatingNewUsers]]**
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