RSS Feeds can be used to get notification from activity taking place on an XWiki instance.

Available Feeds

Several RSS feeds are provided by default and it is possible to create new ones easily when required. The default wiki (extensions might provide more) provides the following RSS feeds:

Note that you can choose to start receiving information from the Blog and modified pages feeds by using your browser's RSS notification button. For example on Firefox:


Customized RSS Feeds

Even more so, it's easy to create new RSS feeds to fit a specific need (or modify existing RSS feeds):

  • You can also easily create your own page that outputs RSS (Atom, RDF, etc). Edit the Main.WebRss page in your wiki to see how it's implemented and do the same in your own page.
  • You can also modify the existing RSS pages (e.g. Main.WebRss) if you wish to customize the default RSS content produced by the various applications.

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