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1 These tutorials explain how to implement XWiki Macros using XWiki's [[Rendering Architecture>>extensions:Extension.Rendering Module]].
3 = Implementation Options =
5 XWiki Rendering macros can be written either in Java or directly in wiki pages:
7 * [[XWiki Rendering Macro in Java Tutorial>>Documentation.DevGuide.RenderingMacroTutorial]]
8 * [[XWiki Rendering Macro in Wiki page Tutorial>>Documentation.DevGuide.Tutorials.WritingMacros.WikiMacroTutorial.WebHome]]
10 = Comparison =
12 If you're wondering whether to write your Rendering Macro in Java or in a wiki page, the following table provides some comparison between both options.
14 |=Characteristics|=Java Macro|=Wiki Macro
15 |Easy to debug|(/)|(x)
16 |Easy to write an automated test for|(/)|(x)
17 |Optimized for performance|(/)|(x)
18 |Advanced parameter metadata support (advanced, deprecated, grouping)|(/)|(x)
19 |Doesn't require development skills|(x)|(/)
20 |Easy for a user to customize|(x)|(/)
21 |Fast to write and manually test|(x)|(/)

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