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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2023/05/24

Adds an item in the "Viewers" sub menu in Other actions menu


The extension point adds the content inside the "viewers" sub-menu of the "more options" menu.



This Extension Point is contributed by this extension and was added in version 12.8-rc-1 of that extension.

Content Menu
Extension Id
Content to be provided

The code to add in the extension point.

It should look like this:

{{velocity}}{{html clean="false"}} ## we need clean="false" because we want to display the raw content of #submenuitem()
 #submenuitem('url', 'title', 'id', 'class', 'icon')
Parameters to be provided
  • order: the order in which the item will be displayed. The lower the number is, the more on the top the item is. Examples of correct orders: 10000, 20000. Please let enough room to add other UIX between existing ones and your own.
  • separator: (optional) true if a separator should be displayed before the item.

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