User Profile Menu

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2020/03/23

Adds an item in the user profile menu


The extension point adds an entry in the user profile menu.



This Extension Point is contributed by this extension and was added in version 12.2-rc-1 of that extension.

Content menus
Extension Id
Content to be provided

The code to present when the user select this entry in the user profile menu. Usually an administration page with the configuration of user specification settings.

Parameters to be provided
idAn unique identifier, if not defined, the UIX id is used instead.yes 
iconThe identifier of the icon displayed at the left of the menu entry.noList of available icons
nameName of the entry in the


isActiveDefines if the entry should be displayed to the current user. If not defined, the entry is always displayed.yesisActive=#if(condition)true#{else}false#end
priorityDefined the order of the menu entries, the lower the priority, the highest the entry is in the menu.no80


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