Adds items to the Application Panel but visible only when the "More Applications" link is clicked



Note that the extension name is important since entries under the "More Application" are sorted using it (e.g. platform.panels.newApplication)


This Extension Point is contributed by this extension and was added in version 4.2 of that extension.

Extension Id
Content to be provided
No content is expected to be provided by the user of this Extension Point.
Parameters to be provided
  • label : the label of the link that will be created
  • target : the target of the link that will be created, it must be a reference to a document
  • targetQueryString : an optional query string to add to the target document URL. Since 6.2
  • icon : the icon that will be put in the link, it must be a reference to an image, to look good this image must be 16 pixels in both height and width. This reference must be written using the xwiki 2.1 syntax.Since 6.2-M1, the applications panel uses the new Icon Theme Application. The displayed icon depends on the current icon theme, unless you reference your own image.


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