Export Formats

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2024/04/22

Adds an export format to the Export Modal.


This extension point is used in the Export Modal to list the available export formats.



This Extension Point is contributed by this extension and was added in version 14.10 of that extension.

Extension Id
Content to be provided

The content can be used to:

  • load required resources (JavaScript, CSS)
  • pass configuration from the server to the client
  • output hidden UI elements (e.g. a modal)

The result of executing the content is hidden by default.

Parameters to be provided
  • label: the name of the export format (e.g. "PDF"), displayed on the Export Modal
  • hint: description of the export format, hidden by default, but used when filtering the export formats. A translation key can be specified.
  • icon: the icon to display on the Export Modal, e.g. "file-pdf"; see the Icon Theme Application for more information
  • category: the export format category, used for grouping export formats on the Export Modal, e.g. "office"; defaults to "other"
  • url: where to submit the Export Modal (when multi-page export is not supported or the current page is terminal) and the Export Tree Modal (when multi-page export is supported and the current page is not terminal)
  • multipage: whether this export format supports multi-page export or not; defaults to false
  • filterHiddenPages: whether the export tree should obey the hidden page user preference or not; defaults to false; use true if the export format is focused mainly on the content (e.g. the PDF export), and false if the export format uses also the meta data (e.g. XAR export)
  • excludeNestedPagesByDefault: whether this export format should include the nested pages by default or not; this basically controls the default selection when opening the Export Tree Modal: select only the current page vs. select the current page and its child pages; defaults to false
  • enabled: specifies whether this export format is enabled or not

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