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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2023/05/24

Adds a new tab at the bottom of the page which can be opened


The extension point uses the parameters to create a new tab title on the bottom of the page, the extensions content is loaded only when the tab is opened.



This Extension Point is contributed by this extension and was added in version 13.6-rc-1 of that extension.

Page Layout
Extension Id
Content to be provided

The code displayed in the docextra tab when it's activated.

Parameters to be provided
  • show: boolean value, if set to false or missing the docextra won't be displayed.
  • title: string value, this is the title displayed on top of the tab.
  • itemnumber: integer value, a number displayed next to the title, if the value is set to -1 it's not displayed.
  • name: string value, a short unique name without space or special characters, used for the shortcut
  • shortcut: string value, a key combination to use to display this docextra (e.g. alt+k)
  • order: integer value, the parameter used to sort the docextra to display them

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