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1 At this point your wiki is empty, i.e it doesn't contain any wiki page. Since applications in XWiki are done in wiki pages so you also don't need any application available (e.g. Blog, User Directory, User Profiles, etc). In addition, your wiki doesn't contain any user. 
3 Thus the final step is to fill your Wiki with some initial content (i.e. wiki pages).
5 This is the job of the [[Distribution Wizard>>platform:Features.DistributionWizard]] which automatically starts when you are browsing your new XWiki instance for the first time.
7 The default distribution is a fully configured wiki that you can use as a starting point for creating your own wiki content. It provides the following:
9 * A [[Dashboard>>extensions:Extension.Dashboard Application]]
10 * A [[Panels Application>>extensions:Extension.Panels Application]]
11 * [[Search>>extensions:Extension.Search Application]]
12 * [[Administration features>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application]] (Access rights, Group and users management, etc)
13 * ... and much more
15 == Installing without internet connection ==
17 === XIP Package ===
19 {{info}}Since 9.5{{/info}} A XIP package is offered containing an offline extension repository with all the extensions making the Standard Flavor.
21 This is actually a zip file containing the required XWiki extensions for both the main wiki and subwikis, in the same format as the one of the local extensions repository. It allows the [[Distribution Wizard>>url:]] to find the extensions locally instead of getting them online and is thus suited for offline installations of XWiki.
23 * [[download>>xwiki:Main.Download]] it (use the exact same version of the XIP package as the version of XWiki you have)
24 * Unzip it (rename it to if your zip tool does not recognize it) in the folder ##<permanentdirectory>/extension/repository## (if you get complains about already existing files don't overwrite them)
25 * Make sure the user running XWiki has the permissions to write to these unzipped files
26 * Restart XWiki if it was running
27 * Resume standard installation, this time it will find the flavor locally
29 {{info}}
30 XWiki doesn't offer XIP packages for Contrib Extensions. However it's [[possible to generate these XIPs>>FAQ.How to generate a XIP file for an Extension?]].
31 {{/info}}
33 === Other methods ===
35 Several options:
37 * Set up a local Extension Repository, either as a Maven Repository or using the [[Extension Repository Application>>extensions:Extension.Repository Application]]. Of course you'll need to [[prefill it with all the extensions you'll wish to install when offline>>Documentation.AdminGuide.FillLocalMavenRepository]], which isn't something easy to do.
38 * [[Install the Standalone Distribution>>Documentation.AdminGuide.InstallationStandalone]] which contains a default set of wiki pages.
39 * Use the [[Offline Packager Maven plugin>>]].
41 === Extension Repositories ===
43 XWiki performs some checks at startup and even at runtime and tries to connects to remote Extension repositories. This will not cause any problem if you're offline but you'll get some error logs. You may want to disable Extension repositories by editing your config file and adding the following empty property (make sure that this is the only property defined with the name):
45 {{code}}
46 extension.repositories=
47 {{/code}}
49 === Deprecated methods ===
51 ==== Manually Import Wiki Pages ====
53 {{warning}}
54 This is not supported anymore since 9.5
55 {{/warning}}
57 You can also skip the Distribution Wizard import the default Wiki that we are providing as a [[XAR file>>]] by using the [[Import feature>>platform:AdminGuide.ImportExport]]. Since there's no Admin user created at this point, you'll need to [[log in as ##superadmin##>>platform:AdminGuide.Configuration||anchor="HEnablesuperadminaccount"]] to be able to perform this import.
59 {{warning}}
60 If you're upgrading an existing wiki using the manual Import feature, be careful that the XAR import operation will replace the content of the existing pages of your wiki with the content of the XAR (New pages that you have created will not be modified). As a consequence it's critical that you [[perform a backup>>platform:AdminGuide.Backup]] first and read the upgrade nodes bellow carefully.
62 On the other hand, if you use the Distribution Wizard, it'll automatically perform a merge and prompt you for action in case there's a conflict it cannot resolve automatically. Thus using the Distribution Wizard is what we recommend.
63 {{/warning}}

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