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Mar 20 2009

The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki Enterprise 1.8 and XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.6.

Changes from 1.7:

  • First usable version of new rendering and new WYSIWYG editor
  • New Wiki Dashboard
  • New way of displaying tags
  • Page loading time reduced by 30%
  • Improved information section in document footer
  • By default the authentication system now calls the authenticator only once by session
  • Updated french translation
  • Updated german translation
  • Updated spanish translation

Important bug fixes:

  • Scaled images in exported PDF and RTF have wrong dimensions
  • When a wiki is removed, it's not removed form the cache
  • Including a document with first or second heading level breaks the including document section edit link
  • PDF export does not take into account the encoding specified in xwiki.cfg

For more information see the Release notes.

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