XWiki Enterprise 2.4.1 and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.4.1 Released

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Sep 22 2010

The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.4.1.

This is a bug fix release for the 2.4 branches.

Important Bugs Fixed

  • XWIKI-5511 - In some conditions a newly created wiki does not have the standard classes
  • XWIKI-5492 - Can't move the focus outside of the rich text area in Opera
  • XWIKI-5440 - user.isUserInGroup return false if User in Master and group in virtual
  • XWIKI-5452 - "cache.path" configuration is not taken into account by JBossCache module
  • XWIKI-5414 - Keyboard shortcuts are not ignored when trying to navigate with keys in a select input
  • XWIKI-5391 - MediaWikiScanner#docElements() raises unexpected ParseException when encountering <D_TABLE_CAPTION> tokens
  • XWIKI-5515 - NPE when accessing an not existing wiki and autowww = 0
  • XWIKI-5363 - PeriodFactory#createSinceMonthsPeriod creates a "since weeks" period instead
  • XWIKI-5476 - Problem with non-px image dimensions in wysiwyg mode only with IE7
  • XWIKI-5457 - Propeditor cannot work anymore with recent livetable code
  • XWIKI-5243 - Reflected XSS in edit(wiki|wysiwyg|wysiwygnew).vm
  • XWIKI-5450 - SQL injection in suggest.vm
  • XWIKI-5428 - Save and Continue doesn't validate the mandatory document title
  • XWIKI-5434 - Saved request parameters are not restored on relogin
  • XWIKI-5244 - Stored XSS via user/group name
  • XWIKI-5510 - Text and background color don't match the color themev
  • XWIKI-5417 - xwiki/2.0 renderer should escape any (% it can find
  • XWIKI-5453 - includeMacro() no longer works in XE 2.4
  • XASEARCH-10 - Escaping issue in Main.DatabaseSearch
  • XAADMINISTRATION-156 - Cannot add "global" user in groups
  • XAADMINISTRATION-155 - Improper search icon position in Administration Application
  • XAADMINISTRATION-168 - Small inconsistency in DOM of some elements that use ConfigurationClass Class

For more information see the XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager release notes.

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