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Apr 08 2013

We are happy to say that we are investigating the notion of XWiki Flavors. XWiki Flavors are a set of predefined extensions having a specific use case in mind. 

XWiki Flavors can be considered specializations of XWiki instances suited for different purposes like public websites, intranets, content sharing, project management, community status, business intelligence, etc. 

What we would like is when you install your first wiki or when you create a new sub-wiki you should be able to select a specialization for that wiki. 

Let's say you have a farm for your organization and you would need some sub-wikis, one for your each team. Each of your teams are a bit different. For example, the support team may need to create a Documentation wiki in order to communicate with your clients. The development team may need a very applications oriented wiki that could contain applications for all their processes. 

XWiki has the advantage of being very extensible and we want to take advantage of that by separating the common use cases of XWiki in different Flavors. 

Because XWiki's development is centered around its community is important that the community decides what are the most common use cases XWiki is used for.
We've created several mailing threads for: 

Join the discussion on the mailing lists and help us decide the exact features needed for selected use case or brainstorm about other common use cases in this thread.

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