Product Release Notes

Please find below the release notes for XWiki products. Release notes for plugins, wiki applications, macros and such other small components can be find directly in the documentation for the component on the Code Zone.

You can access old branches releases notes here.

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XWiki Enterprise

Versions 2.0.x

Versions 1.9.x

[Old branches (Not supported anymore)]

XWiki Enterprise Manager

Versions 2.0.x (based on XE 2.0.x)

Versions 1.7.x (based on XE 1.9.x)

[Old branches (Not supported anymore)]

XWiki Watch

XWiki Workspaces

Versions 1.2.x (based on XE 1.5.x)

Versions 1.1.x (based on XE 1.4.x)

Versions 1.0.x

XWiki Eclipse

Created by Vincent Massol on 2006/12/10

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