This is the release notes for XWiki Commons, XWiki Rendering and XWiki Platform. They share the same release notes as they are released together and have the same version.

This bug fix release has been created mainly to fix a bug related with the usage of nested wikimacro, which might make some applications unusable. It also fix some other bugs related to the newly introduced async macro.

All Changes

Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for XWiki 11.6.1.

  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16653 Notifications REST should only be installed on root namespace
  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16652 Mail send default extension should only be installed on root namespace
  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16649 AbstractDocumentConfigurationSource does not destroy the cache when it's disposed
  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16648 NotificationEventExecutor does not destroy the caches it create when it's disposed
  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16644 Symbolic link from etc/xwiki/xwiki-locales.txt to /usr/lib/xwiki/WEB-INF is missing
  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16642 Async Macro should have a 'Content' field in the WYSIWYG
  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16641 Errors when inserting Async Macro preventing it from being displayed
  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16640 Possible NPE when using nested wikimacro
  • Bug Closed XWIKI-16630 Tomcat 9 based Debian package still depends on tomcat8
  • Bug Closed XCOMMONS-1693 InifinispanCacheFactory should be disposed as late as possible
  • Bug Closed XCOMMONS-1688 Jobs executed by the ReplayJob share the same ExecutionContext
  • Bug Closed XCOMMONS-1686 Failed to initialize dependency [xerces:xerces-impl-2.6.2]: NullPointerException:


The following translations have been updated: 

  • German
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian

Known issues

Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes

General Notes

  • When upgrading make sure you compare and merge the following XWiki configuration files since some parameters may have been modified, removed or added:
    • xwiki.cfg
    • web.xml
    • hibernate.cfg.xml
  • Add in xwiki.cfg so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to any new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.

API Breakages

The following APIs were modified since <project> <version - 1>:


The following people have contributed code and translations to this release (sorted alphabetically):

<code contributors>

Created by Simon Urli on 2019/08/08

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