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5 = Community Support =
7 Here are the steps you should follow:
9 * Check the documentation for the [[project>>Main.Forge]] you wish to use. If you don't find the information you're looking for there try [[Searching>>Main.LuceneSearch]] on this wiki and check the [[FAQ>>FAQ.WebHome]].
10 * Search the [[mailing list archives>>dev:Community.MailingLists]].
11 * If you still haven't found the answer, post a question on the [[Mailing Lists or Forums>>dev:Community.MailingLists]]. Please bear in mind that people on the list are people who are contributing to XWiki in their own time. Also you'll find people are more likely and prompt to answer your questions if you yourself participate and answer other's questions over time. This is a participation ecosystem.
12 * You can also consider sending a message on the [[IRC Channel>>dev:Community.IRC]]. However we recommend using the mailing lists in most cases since the IRC channel is used mostly by developers to coordinate XWiki development and mailing lists allow everyone to answer in its own time and without pressure.
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15 Note that the XWiki Developers officially supports 3 versions:
16 * The latest stable version from the last [[XWiki Cycle>>dev:Community.VersioningAndReleasePractices]] (e.g. 5.4.5). This is the most stable version and is what we recommend to use in production.
17 * The latest stable version from the current XWiki Cycle (e.g. 6.0). This is the version recommended if you wish to try out the new features from the current Cycle. It's possible to use those in production but you have to understand that it contains relatively recent new features that haven't been through a long stabilization process so their stability may vary. As the Cycle progresses the stability increases too.
18 * The latest development version from the current XWiki Cycle (e.g. 6.1-milestone-1). This is the version to use if you want to test the really latest feature and provide feedback to the XWiki development team and help us stabilize the version.
20 The rationale for supporting only 3 versions is:
21 * We don't want to over-burden the developers to have to support more than 3 development branches, it's already a lot. Each branch slows down the overall XWiki development.
22 * This is open source software and free and we consider free users can contribute back by helping us test the newest versions by upgrading. If they want support for their older version in production they have the possibility to ask companies for [[professional support>>#HProfessionalSupport]].
24 As a consequence:
25 * You won't find documentation for old versions on this web site
26 * You won't find maintained source code for old versions (tagged source can be found but not maintained branches)
27 * People on the community lists may ask you to upgrade to a newer version when you discover an issue that is fixed in a newer version than the one you're using
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30 Once you have found the answer, please consider adding an entry in the [[FAQ>>FAQ.WebHome]] or updating an existing document on this wiki. This way others will later benefit from that knowledge like you're benefiting from other people's knowledge while browsing this site.
32 If you're interested in helping yourself please check [[all the ways you can contribute>>dev:Community.Contributing]] and [[Governance rules>>dev:Community.Governance]].
34 = Professional Support =
36 == XWiki SAS ==
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39 <a href="" style="display:block;background:#fff url(/xwiki/bin/download/Main/Support/supportxwiki.jpg) no-repeat 50% 0; float:right; margin:10px 0 10px 10px; width: 170px; padding:135px 10px 15px 10px; text-align:center; font-size:0.9em;text-align:center;color: #222; border: 1px solid #fff;">
40 Looking for professional support? <strong>Go to</strong>
41 </a>
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44 [[XWiki SAS>>]] is the company founded by Ludovic Dubost, the creator of XWiki, to offer services around the XWiki open source project. XWiki SAS sponsors the development of the XWiki open source project and has published two important documents showing its dedication and commitment to the open source project:
46 * The XWiki SAS [[Manifesto>>]]
47 * The XWiki SAS [[Values>>]]
49 [[XWiki SAS>>]] offers the following [[services>>]]:
51 * [[XWiki Cloud>>]] (Your wiki ready in a few minutes)
52 * [[Support>>]]
53 * [[Hosting>>]]
54 * [[Development>>]]
55 * [[Consulting>>]]
56 * [[Training>>]]
58 == SOFTEC sa ==
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61 <a href="" style="display:block;background:#fff url( no-repeat 50% 0; float:right; margin: 0 0 10px 20px; width: 220px; padding:180px 150px 20px 30px; text-align:center; font-size:0.9em;text-align:center;color: #222; border: 1px solid #fff;"><span style="background-color: white; display: inline-block; opacity: 0.8;">Discover our skills through our new free service that lets you find entertainment around you.<br/><strong>Go to</strong></span></a>
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64 [[SOFTEC>>]] is a Luxembourg-based company developing collaborative visual tools based on the XWiki open-source platform.
66 You have business requirements for structured and up-to-date information; you need it fast and visual to strike the minds of your customers; SOFTEC is the one to call.
68 SOFTEC developers conceive, host and maintain business and private SaaS (Software as a Service) collaborative solutions based on the XWiki open-source platform, enabling different databases and information systems to communicate together and provide relevant and synthetic information in a visual way.
69 SOFTEC solutions are easy & quick to implement, easy & simple to use, easy & quick to adopt.
71 We invite you to discover all our services through these [[recent references>>]]. And do not miss [[CartoPass>>]], our new free service based on XWiki which allows you to discovering shows, concerts and entertainment near you in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and UK.
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75 == Kreablo AB ==
77 [[Kreablo AB>>]] offers the following services:
79 * Consulting
80 * Development
81 * Training
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84 Vincent: Commented out ATM till we decide what to do as this is not following our governance rules:
86 == Odo SIA ==
88 [[Odo SIA>>]] provide following services:
89 * Development and implementation
90 * Training and consultations
91 * XWiki based custom web solutions
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