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1 Welcome to the XWiki "Get Started" page. This guide provides basic information on how to set up and use XWiki Enterprise. (Click [[here>>enterprise:GettingStarted.WhatIsAWiki]] to learn more about wikis.)
3 XWiki's use cases are diverse: collaborative intranet, knowledge base, CMS, competitive intelligence, public debate, collaborative creation of school courses, web site creation, etc. Read more on **[[what wikis can be used for>>enterprise:GettingStarted.WhatCanAWikiBeUsedFor]]**, **[[what make XWiki Enterprise special>>enterprise:GettingStarted.WhatsSpecialAboutXWikiEnterprise]]** and a **[[second generation wiki>>platform:Main.SecondGenerationWiki]]**.
5 You can visit the **[[references page>>xwiki:References.WebHome]]** to see a list of varied projects based on XWiki. You can add your own project to the same page by filling in a short form.
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11 = Basic information =
13 As you log in to your wiki the first thing you see is the wiki homepage.
15 [[image:Homepage.PNG||style="border: 1px solid silver;"]]
17 [[image:1.png||style="vertical-align: middle;"]] XWiki Enterprise is divided into **Spaces and Pages**. A space is a collection of wiki pages. Grouping pages in a space makes them easier to find and browse. From this area you can **[[add pages & spaces>>platform:Features.DocumentLifecycle]]**. You can also **administer** your wiki, spaces and pages provided you have the rights. Click [[here>>enterprise:GettingStarted.XWikiEnterpriseBasicConcepts]] to read more about XWiki Enterprise's basic concepts.
19 [[image:2.png||style="vertical-align: middle;"]] From the upper right corner you may edit your **profile** information, change your wiki **preferences**, mange your **watchlist**.
21 [[image:3.png||style="vertical-align: middle;"]] Whenever you want to **[[modify a page>>platform:Features.PageEditing]]**, click on the "Edit" button, make your changes and save the page. The modified page now replaces the previous version. Each version of the page is stored in the **[[page history>>platform:Features.VersionControl]]** and can be reverted to if needed. Export and other page actions are also available.
23 [[image:4.png||style="vertical-align: middle;"]] This area provides a centralized view of all **[[spaces>>platform:Features.Spaces]]**.
25 [[image:5.png||style="vertical-align: middle;"]] Check out the **activity stream** to see what everyone has been up to. Share **status updates** with other wiki users.
27 Lateral menus are handled using Panels. A **panel** is a rounded widget you can see on the right of every page of your wiki in the standard version of XWiki Enterprise.
29 To see the complete list of features go to the **[[features page>>enterprise:Main.Features]]**. More information on the first steps with XWiki Enterprise can be found on [[this page>>enterprise:GettingStarted.FirstStepsWithXWikiEnterprise]].
31 = If you're an Administrator =
33 Before you perform admin actions, you will need to log in using the following credentials:
34 {{code}}Username: Admin
35 Password: admin{{/code}}
36 We strongly recommend you change the Admin's password to a secret one as soon as you can.
38 The **[[XWiki Platform>>platform:Main.WebHome]]** provides general information for admins that need to customize their wiki application (authentication, DB, performance tuning, etc.). Everything you want to know about administrating XWiki, from installation to backups is available in the **[[Administrator's Guide>>platform:AdminGuide.WebHome]]**:
40 * Discover how to [[create users and groups>>platform:Features.UsersAndGroupsManagement]] and [[handle rights on your wiki>>platform:Features.RightsManagement]].
41 * Learn how to customize the look and feel of the wiki ([[skin>>platform:AdminGuide.Skins]], [[color themes>>extensions:Extension.Color Theme Application]], [[panels>>extensions:Extension.Panels Application]])
42 * See how you can backup your wiki, import XAR files to the wiki and much more.
44 = If you're a Developer =
46 XWiki is also a second generation wiki. You can build simple applications, extend the platform with custom plugins, or even build complex Web applications. XWiki's powerful programming features are documented in the **[[Developer's Guide>>platform:DevGuide.WebHome]]**. A number of applications are built-in, such as the Blog. Additional applications, macros and other extensions are available on the **[[Extensions wiki>>extensions:Main.WebHome]]**. The documentation for the **[[XWiki Rendering>>rendering:Main.WebHome]]** has a [[dedicated wiki>>rendering:Main.WebHome]].
48 For documentation related to contributing to the XWiki project, visit the **[[XWiki Development Zone>>dev:Main.WebHome]]**.
50 = If you need more help =
52 If you need more help with your wiki or you'd like to get in touch with the community please visit the **[[support page>>xwiki:Main.Support]]** for more information.

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