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1 XWiki is [[a wiki.>>enterprise:GettingStarted.WhatIsAWiki]] As such, the content of its pages is easy to edit and modify.
3 = Edit a wiki page =
5 * Depending on your wiki's settings, you may need to login to edit a page.
6 * Look at the top left or right of your screen. Can you see the "Edit" button?
8 {{image reference="EditButtonFlamingo.png"/}}
10 * If you cannot see the "Edit" button, please login
11 ** Click on the "Log-in" button located at the top right of the page
12 ** Enter your username and password and click on "Log-in"
13 ** If you still cannot see the "Edit" button, you may not have the right to edit that page. Sorry!
14 * If you can see the "Edit" button, this means you are alowed to make changes to this page. Let's go!
15 ** Click the "Edit" button
16 ** A new page opens in your browser. The content of the page is displayed in a rich text editor (sometimes called a WYSIWYG editor, meaning "What You See Is What You Get") or a source editor using [[XWiki syntax>>enterprise:XWiki.XWikiSyntax]]. You can switch back and forth between the two modes.
17 ** Use the editor to modify content. If you're not sure what to change, find a typo or grammatical error and fix it ;-)
18 ** Once you're done with your modifications, enter a note under "Version Summary" explaining what you changed. Then choose a button at the bottom to "Preview", "Save & Continue" (save your work as a new version but keep editing), or "Save & View"
19 * The new version of the page featuring your edit is online right away! Well done :-)
21 You can use a wiki for [[a wide range of purposes>>enterprise:GettingStarted.WhatCanAWikiBeUsedFor]]. They offer a great way to put content online and share it with others.
23 {{info}}
24 Get started right away! Hunt the typo hidden in this page in order to edit and correct it!
25 {{/info}}
27 = Create new pages and links =
29 One of the main strengths of a wiki is that you can easily create links between pages. Easy link creation lets you create a structure within your wiki and cross-reference pages. Links make content easier to browse and find. This is why it is important to create links between your pages. To create new inter-wiki links when editing a page:
31 * In rich text editing mode (WYSIWYG), highlight the term you want to linkify, click on the "link" button, select "Wiki Page...", and choose the page you want to link to
32 * In source editing mode, use one of the options explained in the [[XWiki syntax guide>>enterprise:XWiki.XWikiSyntax#HLinks]]
34 Links can be used as pointers towards pages that do not exist yet. When used for this purpose, a link will appear underlined, with a question mark to its right. Clicking on such a link brings you to the page in edit mode. The new page will be created when you click on "Save & View". This way of creating new pages is quite handy since it creates your wiki's structure at the same time that new content is added.
36 * Next: [[Page history>>enterprise:GettingStarted.PageHistory]]

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