Create new pages and links

One of the main strengths of a wiki is that you can easily create links between pages. Easy link creation lets you create a structure within your wiki and cross-reference pages. Links make content easier to browse and find. This is why it is important to create links between your pages. To create new links, highlight the term you want to linkify while you're editing the page, click on the "link" button, select a page and click on "insert". The link will be displayed when you save the page.

Links can be used as pointers towards pages that do not exist yet. When used for this purpose, a link will appear underlined, with a question mark to its right. Clicking on such a link brings you to the page straight into edition mode. The new page will be created when you click on "Save & View". This way of creating new pages is quite handy since it creates your wiki's structure at the same time than new content is added.

Created by Guillaume Lerouge on 2009/02/03

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