As you've learned from the Programming feature it's possible to put code inside XWiki pages. You can combine several pages together to form an application. In other words an application is simply a self-contained set of XWiki pages. You can export these pages into a single archive file named a XAR (it stands for XWiki Archive) which can then be imported again into other wikis. This is a very nice way to create reusable applications.

Applications offer a powerful way to create advanced content within wiki pages.

Applications available for download on

Check the Extensions wiki which lists all applications available that you can install in your wiki.

Applications Examples

Mocca Calendar Application


Screenshot of the Mocca Calendar Application

Meeting Application


Screenshot of the Meeting Application

Forum Application


Screenshot of the Forum Application

Ideas Application

Screenshot of the Ideas Application



Extensions are adds-on that can be installed inside a running XWiki using the Extension Manager. Applications are a type of Extensions but there are other types. For example, you could install the Markdown Syntax, LDAP integration or others.


A Flavor is a set of Extensions working together to achieve a goal. When you first start XWiki, you can pick the Flavor you want your wiki to be, from a list of existing Flavors.

Examples of potential Flavors (only some of them exist at this point):

  • Knowledge Base
  • Web Site
  • Collaborative Intranet
  • Demo

Technically a Flavor is also an Extension with dependencies on other Extensions.

Creating new Applications and Extensions

If you'd like to create new applications with XWiki our Developer's Guide will help you through the process.
If you are interested in participating to the XWiki project development itself or in building it from sources, you should refer to the XWiki development community.
If you still have questions you may subscribe to the Forum.

Created by Vincent Massol on 2017/09/06

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