Provides a suggestion mechanism for the "Document Does Not Exist" view


This Extension Point allows implementing a suggestion mechanism that will be displayed when a document is not found (i.e. inside the docdoesnotexist.vm template file).


Note: In case there are more than 1 extensions implementing this UIXP, the extension with the lowest order value will be selected and displayed. All others are ignored. This can also be used to override the currently active extension, should that be needed.


This Extension Point is contributed by this extension and was added in version 8.3M1 of that extension.

Page Layout
Extension Id
Content to be provided

The code implementing the suggestion mechanism using the current document reference.

Parameters to be provided
  • order: the order in which the extension will be displayed. The lower the number is, the more on the top it is displayed. Examples of correct orders: 10000, 20000. Please let enough room to add other UIX between existing ones and your own. The current items have these orders:
    Solr Suggestions for Document Does Not Exist10000
Created by Eduard Moraru on 2016/08/12

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