Adds items to the Application Panel


The Application panels is filled entirely by contributors of this extension point. For example this shows the Application Panel with 3 contributions:


It's important to take care about the name you give to your extension point. The rule is platform.panels.[nameOfYourApplication]Application, for example: platform.panels.blogApplication. This is important because extensions are ordered by name by this extension point.


This Extension Point is contributed by this extension and was added in version 4.2 of that extension.

Applications Panel
Extension Id
Content to be provided
No content is expected to be provided by the user of this Extension Point.
Parameters to be provided
  • label : the label of the link that will be created
  • target : the target of the link that will be created, it must be a reference to a document
  • icon : the icon that will be put in the link, it must be a reference to an image, to look good this image must be 16 pixels in both height and width. 


Blog application contributing an entry in the Application Panel:


Created by Vincent Massol on 2013/09/05

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