As a rule, all application installations shold be done under user with programming rights. This is true for wiki-farms also. But even though installation on a wiki-farm will require more additional steps to make applications running.

By default, XE Manager is not granting programming rights to pages while farm deployment, as the result, you will find that some applications fails to run on a wiki-farm (e.g. Annotation application).

Another situation: you Import application correctly, but Import itself is not granting programming rights (even if user has it). The result is the same: application fails to run.

To make application running it's necessary to grant programming permission to several pages manually.

There are two ways to do it:

  • manual open-save manipulation per page with programming code
  • semi-manual with the help of Admin Tools application

Programming rights to an any user can be granted only in a main wiki. To access wiki farm with programming rights, you should:
- create user in the main wiki with user name, that does NOT exist in wiki farm, grant this user programmnig rights
- log in wiki-farm as any user with Admin rights
- add Global user with programming rights to wiki- farm and grant him with admin rights in wiki-farm
- log in to wiki-farm as a Global user with programming rights

Manual way of granting programming rights permission

  • Log in into wiki-farm with a user with programming rights.
  • For each application page that require programming rights: open and save with no changes.

For example, for Annotation application (bundled with platform by default), following pages should be re-saved:

  1. AnnotationCode.Style
  2. AnnotationCode.Script
  3. AnnotationCode.Settings

Semi-manual way with Admin Tools

  1. Import in main wiki Admin Tools uder user with programming rights.
  2. Run the page Admin.CheckProgrammingRights
  3. Confirm programming rights by pressing the link Confirm give programming rights
  4. If everything successful, you'd see something like that:
    • fixing Main.Spaces
    • fixing Main.Activity
    • fixing AnnotationCode.Style
    • fixing AnnotationCode.Script
    • fixing AnnotationCode.Settings
  5. Checking application on wiki-farms gives positive result - it works.
Created by Dmitry Bakbardin on 2011/09/02

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