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15 15  == Versions 9.8.x ==
16 16  
17 +* [[Test Report for XWiki 9.8>>TestReports.ManualTestReportXWiki98]]
17 17  * [[Test Report for XWiki 9.8 RC1>>TestReports.ManualTestReportXWiki98RC1]]
18 18  
19 19  == Versions 9.7.x ==

This space contains the Test Reports (based on this template page) and the Translation Reports (based on this template) done for releases, starting with the XWiki Enterprise 3.x cycle.

All JIRAs reported

All JIRAs reported by tests

XWiki Versions

Versions 9.8.x

Versions 9.7.x

Versions 9.6.x

Versions 9.5.x

Versions 9.4.x

Versions 9.3.x

Versions 9.2.x

Versions 9.1.x

Versions 9.0.x

Versions 8.4.x

Versions 8.3.x

Versions 8.2.x

Versions 8.1.x

Versions 8.0.x

Versions 7.4.x

Versions 7.3.x

Versions 7.2.x

Versions 7.1.x

Versions 7.0.x

Versions 6.4.x

Versions 6.3.x

Versions 6.2.x

Versions 6.1.x

Versions 6.0.x

Versions 5.4.x

Versions 5.3.x

Versions 5.2.x

Versions 5.1.x

Versions 5.0.x

Versions 4.5.x

Versions 4.4.x

Versions 4.3.x

Versions 4.2.x

Versions 4.1.x

Versions 4.0.x

Versions 3.5.x

Versions 3.4.x

Versions 3.3.x

Versions 3.2.x

Versions 3.1.x

Versions 3.0.x

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Versions 2.7.x

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