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Version 10.1 by Silvia Macovei on 2012/11/26

This space contains the Test Reports (based on this template) and the Translation Reports  (based on this template) done for releases, starting with the XWiki Enterprise 3.x cycle.
A list of features that need to be added to the Manual Test Report Template is available here.

All JIRAs reported

All JIRAs reported by tests

XWiki Enterprise

Versions 4.3.x

Versions 4.2.x

Versions 4.1.x

Versions 4.0.x

Versions 3.5.x

Versions 3.4.x

Versions 3.3.x

Versions 3.2.x

Versions 3.1.x

Versions 3.0.x

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Versions 2.7.x

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