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The XWiki development process uses JIRA for listing all tasks to be implemented and all bugs to be fixed.

You'll find there the dates and version planned for issues to be fixed and hence the XWiki roadmaps. There's also a release calendar listing all known dates for future releases. Please understand that these dates are often tentative since XWiki's development is open source and lots of committers/contributors are working in their free time on XWiki.

If you're interested to help out check the contributing page.

We're releasing several top level projects together and as such we've decided to have the same Roadmap page for all of them. Thus this page contains the roadmap for the following projects: XWiki Commons, XWiki Rendering, XWiki Platform and XWiki Enterprise.

General goals for all releases:

  • More tests
  • Better javadoc
  • More documentation on
  • Code cleanup/refactoring

Already implemented roadmaps can be found in the archives.

Note that all planned release dates are also entered in the Calendar on JIRA.

XWiki Enterprise 5.x Cycle

  • Theme: Speed and Simplicity

Mission: Improve XWiki's usage for new and regular users by improving Usability and Usage Speed in order to make XWiki simpler and faster both from a pure performance point of view and from are user interface point of view.

Technical details:

  • Individual Feature Improvement from a Usability perspective including speed of access (real time updates, commenting in activity stream)
  • General Usability Improvements on XE for simplicity
  • Technical Rewrite of certain features (activity stream) for performance or architecture reasons
  • General Performance Improvement of XWiki (page loading, rendering time)
  • Bug Fixing in general

Release dates for the 5.x Cycle:

  • 5.0: April May 2013 accept
  • 5.1: June July 2013 accept
  • 5.2: September October 2013 accept
  • 5.3: November 2013 cancel
  • 5.4: December 2014 cancel
  • 5.5: January 2014 cancel

XWiki Enterprise 5.3

  • SOLR Search improvements - Owner: Marius:
  • Continue working on the workspaces integration by default in XWiki Enterprise - Owner: GuillaumeD:
  • Finish scalable import/export (and make it the default) - Owner: ThomasM:


    Add jiras

  • Implement Confluence import using wikistream - Owner: ThomasM:
  • Improvements on EM/DW - Owner: ThomasM + Marius:
  • Signed script implementation - Owner: Denis:


    Add jiras

  • If time permits: AWM improvements - Owner: Marius:

Here are also some JIRA issues that were raised as important (in this order of importance):

+ XWIKI-9156 which is confidential (security issue)

Proposed dates

  • 5.3M1: 21st of October
  • 5.3M2: 4th of November
  • 5.3RC1: 18th of November
  • 5.3Final: 25th of December

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