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21 21  * [[XE-1055>>]]: Several bugs fixed in the Activity Stream, mostly caused by wrong usage of timezones
22 22  * [[XWIKI-7215>>]]: The Livetable "loading" status is enabled sooner, right after starting to type a new filter, although the actual fetching of new rows is still delayed until the user stops typing
23 23  * [[XEM-204>>]]: By default path-based multiwiki is enabled in XEM, making it easier to test and run a virtual wiki farm
24 -* [[XRENDERING-161>>]]: Starting with XE 3.2 we had introduced caching of rendered content to improve performances but that led to a huge increase in memory needs. We've now tuned this and we've been able to keep the performance improvement and at the same time to drastically reduce the memory need.
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26 26  == Translations ==
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