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7 7  First release candidate of XWiki Enterprise 3.2 version ([[Roadmap>>Main.Roadmap]]). Unless a bug is found, this will become the 3.1 final release.
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9 += New and Noteworthy (since XWiki Enterprise 3.2 Milestone 3) =
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11 +== Workspaces ==
12 +We have adopted the [[extensions:Extension.Workspace Application]] as an XWiki platform project. In a few words, the //Workspace Application// allows regular users to create workspaces where they can collaborate on a specific topic. Once the work is done, they can delete the workspace if they wish so. A workspaces is, in essence, a regular subwikis that is to be used only by global users. It allows global users to join or be invited and to easily navigate through the available workspaces and to the main wiki.
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14 +The //Workspace Application// suits best for intranets or any other usecase that involves having only global users and going back and forward through projects or departments that are separated in subwikis. On the other hand, the //Workspace Application// is not intended to be used in environments such as wiki farms, where each subwiki is a bubble, having it's own users and not knowing/caring about other subwikis or the main wiki. This later usecase is the task of the [[extensions:Extension.Wiki Manager Application]].
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16 +[[image:create-workspace-entry.png||alt="Create workspace button"]] [[image:main-wiki-section-in-a-workspace.png||alt="Main wiki section displayed in top menu while in a workspace"]] [[image:workspace-administration-workspaceusers-section.png||alt="Workspace Users section in the workspace's administration section replacing 'Registration' and 'Users'"]]
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18 +The //Workspace Application// is not bundled by default with any XWiki product, but it can be installed as an extension, starting with version 3.2M1.
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9 9  = Translations =
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11 11  = Known issues =
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