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64 64  Now thanks to the [[captcha module>>code:Modules.CaptchaModule]] you can require unregistered users to solve a captcha in order to post comments. To require guests to solve a captcha simply go to the "Rights" section of the [[Administration Application>>code:Applications.AdministrationApplication]] for the wiki or just the space, and check the box saying "Require unregistered users to solve a captcha when posting a comment on a page". **Note** This box does not give guests permission to comment, it only adds a requirement for commenting if they already have permission.
65 65  [[This feature is documented here.>>platform:AdminGuide.Configuration]]
66 66  Sample:
67 -[[image:CommentCaptcha.png||width=550px]]
68 68  
68 +[[image:CommentCaptcha.png||width=550px; style="border:1px solid black;]]
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69 69  == Easier development of configurable applications using [[XWiki.ConfigurableClass>>code:Applications.AdministrationApplication#HMaking20your20application20easily20configurable20with203Ctt3EConfigurableClass3C2Ftt3E20Since2023M1]] ==
70 70  
71 71  If you are developing an application and you need to provide your users with a way to configure it from the [[Administration Application>>code:Applications.AdministrationApplication]] you are in luck because all you need to do is create a custom class holding all of the configuration for your application then add an object of your custom configuration class and an object of ##XWiki.Configurable## class and your application will be able to be configured in the administration interface.
72 72  Image of administration interface with additional applications to be configured. (You can customize the icon used)
73 -[[image:AdministrationPanelExtraIcons.png||width=550px]]
74 +
75 +[[image:AdministrationPanelExtraIcons.png||width=550px; style="border:1px solid black;]]
76 +
74 74  Note the current user does not have permission to edit one of the configurable applications.
75 75  
76 76  == Translations ==

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