XWiki Enterprise 2.3 Milestone 1

Version 1.1 by Jean-Vincent Drean on 2010/03/24

First milestone of the XWiki Enterprise 2.3 version (Roadmap).

The highlights of this release are: new annotation feature, new colibri color theme editor.

New and Noteworthy (since XWiki Enterprise 2.2.3)


Color Theme Editor

Known issues

Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes

General Notes

If you're running in a multiwiki setup you'll also need to define the property xwiki.store.migration.databases=all to your xwiki.cfg file or explicitly name all databases to be migrated as in <tt>xwiki.store.migration.databases=db1,db2,....

You may also want to import the default wiki XAR in order to benefit from the improvements listed above.

Always make sure you compare your xwiki.cfg file with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Note you should add xwiki.store.migration=1 so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.

Migration Notes

  • The new parser/serializer for document names comes with new features and changes some behaviors:
    • introducing escaping means:
      • \ which is now the escaping character needs to be doubled in full document name, as in Space.Docu
        , which means space Space and document Docu\ment
      • some generated documents names will now contains \ to escape thing like dot in a document name. For example Space.Docu\.ment means space Space and document Docu.ment
    • support for the syntax wikiname:Document has been dropped, so in this example "wikiname:Document" will be seen as the document name because no . has been found
  • If you had Wiki Macros defined in your wiki before, you might want to edit them to check their visibility field since the notion of visibility was introduced in XE 2.2 and the default value is user-visibility.

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