Version 10.1 by Thomas Mortagne on 2009/04/08
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Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 1.8.1

This is a bug fix and enhancement release.

Invalid macro parameters used for the [toc] macro. Cause: [Failed to validate bean: [must be greater than or equal to 1]]. Click on this message for details.

Summary of changes since XWiki Enterprise 1.8

New WYSIWYG and Syntax bug fixes and improvements

  • XWIKI-3441 - Review the color plugin and enable it by default
  • XWIKI-3510 - New page is stored for a space when inserted in the suggest
  • XWIKI-3438 - Improve the way macro/parameter description is shown insertmacro.png
  • XWIKI-2903 - Prevent tab from moving focus in our editors (WYSIWYG,Wiki)
  • XWIKI-3452 - Exception thrown while saving the edited content on a HTTP/1.0 web server
  • XWIKI-3447 - List detection is reversed
  • XWIKI-3436 - Use a list box for macro parameters of enum type
  • XWIKI-3288 - Office Import ("File" tab) doesn't work in IE6
  • XWIKI-3194 - Cannot remove just one text style when using the style attribute instead of formatting tags
  • XWIKI-3111 - A link to an email address can be removed by removing the underline style
  • XWIKI-2997 - Cannot un-bold a text with style Title 1
  • XWIKI-3526 - Macro names with special chars don't work
  • XWIKI-3462 - TOC not displaying properly
  • XWIKI-3411 - Add a "output=true/false" parameter in velocity/script macro
{{velocity ouput="false"}}
  • XWIKI-3506 - Attributes are dropped when converting HTML formatting tags to XWiki syntax
  • XWIKI-3504 - html macro refuses double quotes inside javascript in an input field
  • XWIKI-3485 - Ordered lists inside unordered lists are not rendered correctly in XWiki 2.0 syntax
* list item 1
*1. list item 2
*1. list item 3
* list item 4
  • XWIKI-3479 - Escaping doesn't work inside xwiki 2.0 links
[[starting label ~]~] ending label>>reference||param1=value1]]
  • XWIKI-3474 - The html macro generate non inline content when inline
  • XWIKI-3463 - In html macro the default value of "wiki" parameter should be false
  • XWIKI-3461 - A non-inline {{box}} after an inline one is rendered as inline
  • XWIKI-3425 - Id macro does not support inline mode
  • XWIKI-3273 - Macro content doesn't have a descriptor
  • XWIKI-3262 - XHTML parser does not generate embedded documents when there are block elements inside table cells, table header items or list items

New Wiki Explorer bug fixes and improvements

  • XWIKI-3490 - Implement "New page" and "New attachment" nodes in XWikiExplorer
  • XE-416 - Replace YUI Treeview by the XWiki Explorer Widget in AllDocs

1.0 to 2.0 syntax converter bug fixes and improvements

  • XWIKI-3520 - velocity inside {pre} macro is not executed
  • XWIKI-3496 - Method call inside velocity macro parameters break the macro matching
  • XWIKI-3495 - Velocity macros are not fully matched when there is space(s) between the macro name and the parameters
  • XWIKI-3481 - The XE home page does not work when automatically converted
  • XWIKI-3393 - Convert document objects content

New Office Importer bug fixes and improvements

  • XWIKI-3415 - Office Importer fails when importing documents with TOC (Table Of Contents) structures
  • XWIKI-3406 - Office Importer not working under windows environments
  • XAOFFICE-10 - ODS file import works in application but not in WYSIWYG

XMLRPC and REST bug fixes and improvements

  • XWIKI-3483 - Add wiki-wide and space-wide resources for attachments and pages
  • XWIKI-3450 - Allow guest access to be disabled in XMLRPC
  • XWIKI-3458 - Authenticated XWiki user name might be incorrect in REST authentication
  • XWIKI-3449 - Authenticated XWiki user name might be incorrect in XMLRPC login

Other important bugs fixed

  • XE-404 - Global users' modifications appear one after another on a local wiki dashboard instead of being grouped together
  • XWIKI-3491 - Some of the generated RSS feeds are not recognized as proper feeds
  • XWIKI-3486 - Print preview shows a different result than the browser print feature
  • XWIKI-3482 - Closing a lightbox with an undefined redirect URL should not change window location
  • XWIKI-3538 - Invalid generated XHTML for floating box macro

+ lots of other changes, see Platform details.

Known issues

Common Migration notes

The database structure hasn't been changed since XWiki Enterprise 1.5 so you shouldn't have to touch your Database to upgrade. Thus you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database. 

You may also want to import the default wiki XAR in order to benefit from improvements listed above.

HTML macro

Since 1.8.1 the html macro does not interpret wiki syntax anymore by default, you have to put the parameter wiki="true" (false by default). See HTMLMacro.

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