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14 14  * New experimental support for other syntaxes (Confluence, JSPWiki, Creole, MediaWiki, TWiki and XHTML), including a new XWiki Syntax v2.0 (work in progress, see [XWiki Syntax 2.0 Draft>dev:Drafts.XWikiSyntax20]).#info("To start entering page content using the new syntaxes, you must be logged with admin rights, go to the page you wish to edit and change the Syntax for the page to the one you wish to use. Note that all syntaxes except the XWiki 1.0 and XWiki 2.0 ones have important limitations (like links not working).")
15 15  * New experimental WYSIWYG editor (Work In Progress)#info("The look & feel is not the final one. Please look at the [new WYSIWYG Design page>dev:Design.NewWysiwygEditorInterface] to see what it'll look like (except for the colors which will be different). To activate the new editor you must be logged with admin rights, go to the page you wish to edit, change the Syntax of the page to <tt>XWiki 2.0</tt> (right panel in edit mode), save. From then on when you edit with the WYSIWYG editor you'll be using the new editor. For some details about the new syntax please see the [XWiki Syntax 2.0 Draft>dev:Drafts.XWikiSyntax20]. Again this is work in progress but we'd like *as much feedback as possible*. Known issues with the editor:\\- Heading doesn't work in IE6/7.\\- Nested lists does not work.\\- Switching from any heading level to normal leaves the id that was previously associated with that heading.\\- Editing in wiki mode and then switching to wysiwyg may determine an unexpected behavior from the wysiwyg (like being unable to un-bold the text).")
16 -* New experimental XWiki Query Language. TODO: Artem to explain what it does (or point to a document) and give the status
16 +* New experimental XWiki Query Language. #info("More about the language in [XWQL design page>dev:Design.XWikiQueryLanguage]. Main syntax and translator to hql are implemented. It requre programming rights to use in scripts now. The current xwql syntax is not the final one. We'd like some feedback to improve it. The language will fully replace current $ methods in XE 1.7.")
17 17  * TODO: Artem to explain the query manager, and what is changed related to: "XWIKI-2643 - Ability to easy add languages in QueryManager via QueryExecutor components"
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19 19  Other changes:

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