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From version 1.35
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on 2007/11/12
Change comment: Upload new attachment <a href="/xwiki/bin/downloadrev/Main/ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise112/xwiki%2Denterprise%2Dwiki%2D1.1.1%2D1.1.2.xar?rev=1.3">xwiki-enterprise-wiki-1.1.1-1.1.2.xar</a>
To version 1.33
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65 65  #info("You only need to run this patch if you're upgrading from a version prior to 1.1 Milestone 4 and if you want the versions displayed in the history to be in sync with the document's version displayed when you view the documents")
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67 67  *For the new rights management UI to work fine, you'll need to import the following pages into your wiki: {attach:xwiki-enterprise-wiki-1.1.1-1.1.2.xar}.*
68 -#warning("The xar file contains XWiki.WebPreferences page that fix XE default xar wrong name for a group from \"XWiki.AdminGroup\" to \"XWiki.XWikiAdminGroup\".")
69 69  #warning("New right management interface is only fully supported by Albatros theme : all new template, js and css code is in Albatros theme directory.")
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71 71  Follow the instructions below for upgrading from your specific version.
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74 -
75 75  1.1 Upgrading from 1.0 or from earlier 1.1 Milestones or Release Candidates
76 76  
77 77  There have been no changes to the database structure so you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database. However you may want to [import the default wiki XAR>Main.Download] in order to benefit from improvements listed above.
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