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133 133  It's now possible to disable subgroups resolution using ##xwiki.authentication.ldap.group_sync_resolve_subgroups## property in ##xwiki.cfg## configuration file. Resolving each member to check if it's a group might be very expensive with big groups so if you know there is no subgroup you should really disable it.
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135 +== Solr Search ==
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137 +You can now search for nested documents using the [[Solr Search Application>>extensions:Extension.Solr Search Application]]. The display of the search result location has been updated to support nested documents.
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141 +The "Space" facet has been replaced with a "Location" facet that supports nested documents. This allows you to search in a specific location in the page hierarchy.
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145 +The "Page" facet has been removed by default because it doesn't bring value in the context of the nested documents: all non-terminal documents have the same name 'WebHome'. The "Wiki" facet is displayed by default only on the main wiki and only if you have multiple wikis.
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135 135  == Miscellaneous ==
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137 137  <insert misc user stuff and important bug fix descriptions here in a list, when they are too small to warrant a section by themselves - Change the version in the URL below!>
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158 158  * The Administration mode no longer features a select input on the right side for navigation between spaces since that input does no longer scale in the context of Nested Spaces. Thus, the breadcrumbs should be used instead and the future UI improvements that will soon become available in this direction.
159 159  * It's now possible to create Skins in Nested Spaces.
160 160  * Changed the exception message displayed when a script execution fails due to lack of rights to make it clearer that it's not a problem with the current user, but with the script.
173 +* When [[creating, copying or renaming a page>>platform:Features.DocumentLifecycle]] you can now select a top level location from the tree picker (e.g. copy as top level page) even if you have a single wiki (i.e. only the main wiki). You do this by selecting the root of the tree (i.e. the wiki node).
174 +* The [[Document Tree Macro>>extensions:Extension.Document Tree Macro]] is now displaying a message when the tree is empty.(((
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177 +With the new ##showRoot## parameter you can force the document tree to show the actual root node (either the one specified by the ##root## parameter or the default root node).
178 +)))
179 +* A couple of bugs in the [[App Within Minutes Application>>extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application]], that were caused by the introduction of the Nested Documents feature, have been fixed.
180 +* It's now possible create new FAQs in Nested Spaces.
181 +* When using the XWiki Jetty distribution, a memory dump is automatically created in XWiki's ##data/## folder when an ##Out Of Memory## error occurs.
182 +* The Activity Stream now also displays activity for Nested Spaces.
183 +* Skin editor now properly works for a nested skin document
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162 162  See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>http://jira.xwiki.org/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-printable/temp/SearchRequest.html?jqlQuery=project+in+%28XCOMMONS%2C+XRENDERING%2C+XWIKI%2C+XE%29+and+status+%3D+Closed+and+resolution+%3D+Fixed+and+fixVersion+%3D+%22<version>%22&tempMax=1000]] fixed in this release.
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164 164  = For Developers =

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