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90 90  ** For advanced users there is also the option to specify the target document using some text input fields (location advanced edit mode). This is useful especially if you want to create/move the page under a parent that doesn't exist yet (you cannot use the tree picker in this case because the parent would not be available in the tree).
91 91  * The delete action proposes to delete the children of the document.
92 92  
93 +* The welcome message from the main wiki home page has been updated.
94 +* The "Spaces" widget from the wiki dashboard has been replaced with "Pages" which shows the hierarchy of nested pages from that wiki.
95 +* For non terminal documents, we have introduced a "Page Administration", where you will find settings that concern the document and its children (it's actually the old space administration behind the scene). But we have also introduced 2 sections for setting rights on these pages:
96 +** a section to set rights for the document only.
97 +** a section to set rights for the document and its children.
98 +* For terminal documents, nothing changes, you can change the access rights of the page in the "edit" menu. The only addition is a "Administer Parent" link in the "More actions" menu to administer the parent page (which again is the space administration behind the scene).
99 +* The create action has been relooked (with the introduction of the "page type" field) and proposes to import an office document.
100 +* A new "children" viewer is now accessible in the "more actions" menu, along with the other viewers.
101 +* For Terminal Pages, a new "siblings" viewer is present, which replaces the old "space index" feature.
102 +
93 93  {{gallery}}
94 94  image:[email protected]
95 95  image:[email protected]
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108 108  image:[email protected]
109 109  image:[email protected]
110 110  image:[email protected]
121 +image:[email protected]
122 +image:[email protected]
123 +image:[email protected]
124 +image:[email protected]
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111 111  {{/gallery}}
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113 113  == LDAP improvements ==

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