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5 This is the release notes for [[XWiki Commons>>]], [[XWiki Rendering>>]], [[XWiki Platform>>]] and [[XWiki Enterprise>>]]. They share the same release notes as they are released together and have the same version.
7 This release adds important changes and improvements for Extension Manager, Solr Search, Watchlist, a new experimental Flavors mechanism and a Debug mode for performance analysis.
9 {{error}}
10 This release introduces a bug concerning the upgrade of the subwikis ([[XWIKI-12208>>]]). You can still upgrade them via Distribution Wizard but only at the same time you upgrade the main wiki. You can also upgrade your subwiki's UI like any other extensions, by clicking on "Check for updates".
12 The best is to wait for the release of 7.1.1 which will fix this problem and should be ready really soon.
13 {{/error}}
15 Extension Manager provides a summary for the extension diff view in order to ease the navigation of the local code changes. A new Extension History section has also been added, offering support for selective export, import and replay of extension-related history records.
17 Solr Search UI is improved by making it responsive on small screens. The users can now sort, paginate and filter the search results without a page reload.
19 The Flavors and Watchlist Realtime option are currently still experimental, but you are encouraged to test them and provide feedback.
21 The WatchList performance has been improved, especially for the Realtime notification option. The Realtime Watchlist messages are displayed in a more user-friendly way, sending mails for a variety of events, threaded by your email client by the document they occurred in.
23 The Flavor mechanism is allowing the selection of Flavors in the wiki creation step. In the future, XWiki will offer different Flavors and these are steps towards this direction.
25 Under-the-hood there are various mail and job module improvements. The developers can now trigger old Prototype event listeners from jQuery and a new API is available to escape wiki syntax.
27 = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 7.0) =
29 [[Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for 7.1>>]].
31 == Extension Manager ==
33 === Diff View Summary ===
35 Since [[XWiki 7.0RC1>>ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWiki70RC1||anchor="HExtensionDiffView"]] you can view the local changes that have been made to the wiki pages of an installed extension. In this release we have improved the diff view by adding a summary that will help you navigate the changes.
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39 === Extension History ===
41 The [[Extension Manager Application>>extensions:Extension.Extension Manager Application]] has a new section that shows the history of the extension-related actions (e.g. install, uninstall, repair, etc.) offering support for selective export, import and replay of history records. This basically means that an administrator can:
43 * keep track of the extensions that are installed/uninstalled on his wiki (see who performed the action and when, in reverse chronological order, most recent first)
44 * perform a couple of actions (e.g. install/upgrade a group of extensions) on a single wiki and then replay those actions on multiple wikis
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48 ==== Replay an Upgrade ====
50 Using the new Extension History section you can record an upgrade performed with the Distribution Wizard and replay it on a different wiki. Check out the [[Distribution Wizard documentation>>Documentation.UserGuide.Features.DistributionWizard||anchor="HReplayInstallorUpgrade"]] for more details.
52 See the [[Extension Manager Application>>extensions:Extension.Extension Manager Application||anchor="HChanges"]] for more details.
54 == Solr Search ==
56 * We worked on making the search UI responsive on small screens. On mobile phones the list of search facets is now collapsed above the search results and the user can toggle it with a tap. We improved the way the search results of type Object and Object Property are displayed (check the result title and location / breadcrumb). We switched to using the icon themes for the search result icons and we also fixed some small spacing and alignment issues introduced by the migration from the old Colibri skin to the new Flamingo skin. Last but not least, we worked on refreshing the search UI without reloading the entire page when the user sorts the search results, uses the pagination or drills down the results using the search facets.(((
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58 )))
59 * It's now possible to disable highlighting and faceting which are very slow tasks. Can be controlled directly from the search UI or from the Main.SolrSearchConfig document.(((
60 {{image reference="ReleaseNotesXWiki71RC1@solr_options.png"/}}
61 )))
63 See the [[Solr Search Application>>extensions:Extension.Solr Search Application]] documentation for more details.
65 == Watchlist ==
67 {{warning}}
68 The ##Realtime## option is currently experimental and disabled by default.
69 {{/warning}}
71 * The WatchList application now uses the new Mail API instead of the old and deprecated Mail Plugin.
72 * The WatchList Realtime notification option has been reworked and the previous performance penalty has been removed.
73 * A new option was added to Watch a page that was just shared by mail directly from the email's body.(((
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75 )))
76 * The realtime watchlist messages are now handled separately from the schedules (hourly, daily, weekly) notifications. We have a separate template for them and, because of this, can now display them in a more user-friendly way and they can be threaded/grouped by your email client by the document they occurred in. For more information and screenshots, please see the [[documentation>>extensions:Extension.Watchlist Application||anchor="HRealtimenotifications"]].(((
77 {{image reference="ReleaseNotesXWiki71RC1@watchlistRealtimeChangesMailConversation.png"}}{{/image}}
78 )))
79 * Running multiple XWiki instances on the same machine is now possible without affecting WatchList's realtime email threading/grouping. See the [[documentation>>extensions:Extension.Watchlist Application||anchor="HMultipleXWikiinstancesonthesamemachine"]] for more details.
81 See the [[Watchlist Application>>extensions:Extension.Watchlist Application]] documentation for more details.
83 == Flavors ==
85 {{warning}}
86 This feature is experimental and not bundled in XWiki by default. However, you can install and try it, but only for test purpose.
87 {{/warning}}
89 * In the future, XWiki will offer different Flavors. A Flavor is a collection of applications. When you install a Flavor, you get a wiki fully configured for a use-case. In this release, we have implemented the ability to chose a Flavor when you create a new wiki.(((
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91 )))
93 * If no default distribution is configured, [[Distribution Wizard will now let you select the flavor to install>>Documentation.UserGuide.Features.DistributionWizard||anchor="HFlavor"]].(((
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95 )))
97 See the [[Flavor Module>>extensions:Extension.Flavor Module]] documentation for more details.
99 == Debug mode ==
101 It's now possible to display various information about what happens during a request like the time spent on each step and sub steps.
102 The debug performance tree has been made a bit more dynamic to be able to open/close nodes.
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106 == Miscellaneous ==
108 * The Script Macro has been improved to [[return any type of value even no binding is used to output content>>extensions:Extension.Script Macro||anchor="HReturn"]].
109 * The default Java version triggered as dependency for the Debian packages is now Java 8
110 * In the [[extensions:Extension.Administration Application]], when you change the space you are administrating, you don't lose the current section anymore (if the current section exists in that space).(((
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112 )))
113 * In edit mode, Password fields do not display the obfuscation placholder ({{{*******}}}) anymore when the password value is empty. For example this removes the confusion when editing the Mail Admin UI and users were thinking that the SMTP Server password was set.
114 * Not existing document won't end up in the document cache anymore. That mean request lots of not existing document won't ditch "real" documents from the cache anymore.
115 * In [[extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application]], the newly created applications don't have 'App Within Minutes' as parent, but the home page of the current wiki and their home page title doesn't contain the word 'Home' any more.
116 * The default document cache size has been increased from 100 to 500 elements
117 * Minor visual consistency improvement of the tag cloud header of the LiveTable
119 See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>]] fixed in this release.
121 = For Developers =
123 == Trigger Prototype Event Listeners from jQuery ==
125 The event listeners registered from Prototype are now notified when a custom XWiki event is fired using the jQuery API.
127 {{code language="js"}}
128 // Prototype (old code that you don't have time to rewrite)
129 document.observe('xwiki:dom:updated', function(event) {
130 event.memo.elements.each(function(element) {
131 // Do something.
132 });
133 });
134 ...
135 // jQuery (new code, in a different file/page)
136 require(['jquery', 'xwiki-events-bridge'], function($) {
137 $(document).trigger('xwiki:dom:updated', {'elements': $('.some-container').toArray()});
138 });
139 {{/code}}
141 See the [[developer's guide>>Documentation.DevGuide.JavaScriptAPI||anchor="HBridgingcustomXWikieventsbetweenPrototypeandjQuery"]] for more details.
143 == Integration tests for JavaScript with Jasmine + RequireJS + WebJars ==
145 Using Jasmine, we have written a few integration tests for JavaScript code that uses AMD (RequireJS) and that has dependencies packaged as Webjars. We found out that the Jasmine Maven Plugin has support for both [[AMD>>]] and [[WebJars>>]]. You can check out this [[commit>>]] to see how we configured the plugin in case you want to write similar tests for your extension or module.
147 == Mail API Improvements ==
149 * Send prepared mime message to multiple users as independent message. A new mime message cloning factory (hint "message") is available to be used with iterator factories. It duplicates a given source message as is, to allow sending it to multiple users as independent messages. See [[Example 5>>extensions:Extension.Mail Sender API||anchor="HExample5:SendapreparedMimeMessagetoalistofUsersandGroups"]] of the documentation for a sample.
150 * Mail API has been slightly modified to fix a bug when waiting for all mails to have been processed (the ##waitForProcessing()## wasn't really waiting!). As a consequence calls to ##MailResult.waitTillProcessed(long timeout)## and ##MailResult.isProcessed()## have been replaced by calls to ##MailStatusResult.waitTillProcessed(long timeout)## and ##MailStatusResult.isProcessed()##. Note that for backward compatibility reason the scripting API still supports the old API (but it's deprecated and you should move your code to use the new API).
151 * Mail Status Store API has been refactored to provides ordered result based on any status fields. A new method also ease loading a single status for a given messageId.
152 * When evaluating Velocity in Mail Templates, the Execution Context used is a clone of the one that was available when the ##send*(...)## method was called. Thus all Velocity bindings that were present are available from your Mail Template.
154 {{error}}
155 Several API breakages have been introduced, make sure to check the [[Mail backward-compatibility section below>>||anchor="HMailAPIchanges"]].
156 {{/error}}
158 == Job Progress Improvements ==
160 It's now possible to associate message to each step of the progress. Also a new API have been added to make easier to notify about progress in scripts.
161 See for more details.
163 The progress is now a tree of step with an associated message and elapsed time for each one which can be retrieved during or after the progress is done. It's also automatically serialized in jobs statuses.
165 == Script oriented advanced extension search API ==
167 A new script oriented API has been added to use advanced extension search possibilities introduced in 7.0. See [[extensions:Extension.Extension Script Module||anchor="HSearch"]].
169 == Record and Replay Extension Actions ==
171 The [[Extension Module>>extensions:Extension.Extension Script Module]] has a new script service to access the extension history and to replay recorded history actions. The extension history records the extension related jobs (e.g. install, uninstall, etc.) along with the decisions taken by the user during the job execution (e.g. merge conflicts, delete unused pages). This means for instance that you can replay an upgrade without the need to handle again the merge conflicts.
173 The recording is performed by listening to the [[job events>>extensions:Extension.Job Module||anchor="HEvents"]] fired during the execution of an extension action, including the new ##QuestionAskedEvent## and ##QuestionAnsweredEvent## introduced in this release.
175 {{comment}}
176 == Deprecated and Retired projects ==
178 <description of deprecated and retired projects>
179 {{/comment}}
181 == Miscellaneous ==
183 * The XAR plugin's ##verify## mojo has been [[improved to allow passing a list of regexes to identify content and technical pages>>dev:Community.XARPlugin]]. For example:(((
184 {{code language="xml"}}
185 <plugin>
186 <groupId>org.xwiki.commons</groupId>
187 <artifactId>xwiki-commons-tool-xar-plugin</artifactId>
188 ...
189 <configuration>
190 ...
191 <!-- Consider all pages named *Translations as content pages by default -->
192 <contentPages>
193 <contentPage>.*Translations\.xml</contentPage>
194 </contentPages>
195 <!-- The EditTranslations page is not a Translation page and thus not a content page! -->
196 <technicalPages>
197 <technicalPage>EditTranslations\.xml</technicalPage>
198 </technicalPages>
199 </configuration>
200 </plugin>
201 {{/code}}
202 )))
203 * New ##$services.rendering.escape($content, $syntax)## method to escape XWiki syntax. See [[the documentation>>extensions:Extension.Rendering Module||anchor="HRenderingScriptService"]].
204 * The HTML5 renderer is now bundled in XWiki Enterprise.
205 * Added a new ##objectPolicy=updateOrCreate## parameter to the save action that allows editing and creating objects in one request. For more details, see [[the documentation>>Documentation.DevGuide.Standard URL Format||anchor="HParameter:objectPolicy"]].
206 * It is now possible to select the output syntax of a skin, in order to use the correct renderer.
207 * Ability to [[register a custom Resource Type>>extensions:Extension.Resource API||anchor="HAddinganewResourceTypeHandler"]].
208 * The WebJar integration now registers a ##webjar## URL type using a [[Resource Handler>>extensions:Extension.Resource API]] (it was reusing the ##bin## URL type before). The new WebJAR URL format is:(((
209 {{code language="none"}}
210 http://<server>/<context path>/webjars/<path/to/resource>[?version=<version>&evaluate=true|false]
211 {{/code}}
213 Note that you should use the [[exposed Script Service method to compute a WebJAR URL>>extensions:Extension.WebJars Integration]].
214 )))
215 * The mime type of uploaded attachment is now automatically stored in the database and won't be recalculated each time it's asked. Also a new API has been introduced in ##com.xpn.xwiki.doc.XWikiAttachment## to change it if needed.
216 * The ConfigurableClass mechanism now supports adding field hints / descriptions. See the [[documentation>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application||anchor="HFieldsyoucandefine"]].
217 * The ##xwiki-platform-legacy-crypto-script## legacy module has been removed as it was conflicting with the Bouncy Castle 1.52 upgrade and we considered that there was little chance that this module was used anywhere in any extension. If by chance (so to speak) you were using it, you'd need to use the newer ##xwiki-platform-crypto-script## module and rebuild your extension with it.
218 * Added advanced search support to ##org.xwiki.extension.repository.ExtensionRepositoryManager##
219 * The Velocity macros from the ##Main.SolrSearch## page have been moved to a separate page, ##Main.SolrSearchMacros##, which should ease the creation of a custom search page (e.g. if you want reuse some macros and to overwrite others).
220 * Added callable support to JobProgressManager. See [[extensions:Extension.Job Module||anchor="HNotifyaboutprogress"]].
221 * Extension upgrade plan job now support checking specific list of installed extensions (instead of the top level installed extensions)
222 * You can now [[disable the automatic start of Distribution Wizard>>Documentation.UserGuide.Features.DistributionWizard||anchor="HDisabletheautomaticstartofDistributionWizard"]] with two new options.
223 * It's possible to disable minification from configuration file. Set ##debug.minify## to ##false##.
225 == Upgrades ==
227 The following dependencies have been upgraded:
229 * [[commons-lang3 3.4>>]]
230 * [[Bootstrap 3.3.4>>]]
231 * [[Bootswatch 3.3.4+1>>]]
232 * [[Bouncy Castle 1.52>>]]
233 * [[cssparser 0.9.15>>]]
234 * [[Groovy 2.4.3>>]]
235 * [[httpclient and httpcore 4.4.1>>]]
236 * [[Infinispan 7.1.1>>]]
237 * [[Infinispan 7.2.1>>]]
238 * [[Infinispan 7.2.2>>]]
239 * [[JGroups 3.6.3>>]]
240 * [[Jython 2.7.0>>]]
241 * [[Less4j 1.11.0>>]]
242 * [[logback 1.1.3>>]]
243 * [[Lucene and Solr 4.10.4>>]]
244 * [[Maven 3.3.3>>]]
245 * [[org.eclipse.sisu.plexus to 0.3.1>>]]
246 * [[Quartz 2.2.1>>]]
247 * [[reflections 0.9.10>>]]
248 * [[sisu-guice 3.2.6>>]]
249 * [[slf4j 1.7.12>>]]
250 * [[Tika 1.8>>]]
252 = Translations =
254 The following translations have been updated:
256 {{language codes="de,fr,lv,sv,pt_BR"/}}
259 = Tested Browsers & Databases =
261 {{include reference="TestReports.ManualTestReportSummaryXWiki71"/}}
263 = Performances tests compared to 6.4.4 =
265 In this version the performances work concentrated mostly on very low level code like the rendering Blocks manipulation, the html macro and context based component managers. This made the rendering of pages with a lot of macros or macros in the middle of a lot of blocks much faster.
267 On the bad news it looks like we use more memory than we used to.
269 {{display reference="test:Performances.Jetty HSQLDB single wiki 644 to 71" section="HSummary"/}}
271 More details on [[performance comparison on single wiki between 7.1 and 6.4.4>>test:Performances.Jetty HSQLDB single wiki 644 to 71]].
273 = Known issues =
275 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
277 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
279 == General Notes ==
281 When upgrading make sure you compare your ##xwiki.cfg##, and ##web.xml## files with the newest version since some configuration parameters may have been modified or added. Note that you should add so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
283 == Mail API changes ==
285 The young mail API has been refactored to provide better and more detailed error reporting.
287 The MailState enumeration has been extended to report more detailed mail state (##prepare_success##, ##prepare_error##, ##send_success##, ##send_error## and ##send_fatal_error##). The MailListener interface has been extended to provide more detailed event. Now each mail batch should use new independent listener. The listener receive the batch identifier of its own batch when the mail preparation starts (###onPrepareBegin()##), and have to keep it for all subsequent events. Independent success and error events for both the prepare and send phases are provided for each message (###onPrepareMessageSuccess()##, ###onPrepareMessageError()##, ###onSendMessageSuccess()##, ###onSendMessagError()##). Moreover, premature interruption of the prepare phase is caught and reported (###onPrepareFatalError##). Inability of the send phase to retrieve a message for sending is also explicitly reported (###onSendMessageFatalError()##).
289 There is now more than one message state representing an error, therefore, the MailStatusResult interface has been extended with a ###getAllError()## method to retrieve all message status in error. Moreover, the ###getTotalMailCount()# may represent a partial total in case of failure of the prepare phase. In that case, it represents the number of mails sent to the send phase. As a consequence, ###isProcessed()# and ###waitTillProcess()# now considerer the batch to be processed when all successfully prepared mail has been sent, or failed to be prepared or sent.##
291 Please review the [[new way to check for errors>>extensions:Extension.Mail Sender API||anchor="HCheckforErrors"]].
293 The mail API is now tracking individual message based on the standard Message-ID headers, which made it fully compliant with RFC-822 WRT the mail identification. Caller that want to specify custom Message-ID may do so by extending MimeMessage to preserve the Message-ID of the message. Caller is also responsible to ensure that different messages are identified by unique message identifier.
295 {{warning}}
296 Sending multiple messages with the same Message-ID is no more supported since it does not respect the RFC-822 standard.
297 {{/warning}}
299 Reusing the same Message-ID for retrying a failed message is allowed and will be tracked by the same status if the batch identifier is also reused.
301 == API Breakages ==
303 The following APIs were modified since XWiki 7.0.1:
305 * Add support for advanced search(((
306 {{code language="none"}}
307 org.xwiki.extension.repository.ExtensionRepositoryManager: Method 'public org.xwiki.extension.repository.result.IterableResult search(' has been added to an interface
308 {{/code}}
309 )))
310 * Add support for named steps(((
311 {{code language="none"}}
312 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgress: Method 'public org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressStep getCurrentStep()' has been added to an interface
313 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgress: Method 'public org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressStep getRootStep()' has been added to an interface
314 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressManager: Method 'public void endStep(java.lang.Object)' has been added to an interface
315 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressManager: Method 'public void pushLevelProgress(java.lang.Object)' has been added to an interface
316 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressManager: Method 'public void startStep(java.lang.Object)' has been added to an interface
317 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressManager: Method 'public void startStep(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String)' has been added to an interface
318 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressManager: Method 'public void startStep(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.Object[])' has been added to an interface
319 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressManager: Method 'public void startStep(java.lang.Object, org.xwiki.logging.Message)' has been added to an interface
320 {{/code}}
321 )))
322 * Add new helper(((
323 {{code language="none"}}
324 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressManager: Method 'public java.lang.Object call(java.util.concurrent.Callable, java.lang.Object)' has been added to an interface
325 org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobProgressManager: Method 'public java.lang.Object call(java.util.concurrent.Callable, int, java.lang.Object)' has been added to an interface
326 {{/code}}
327 )))
328 * Add a new method to this young API(((
329 {{code language="none"}}
330 Method 'public org.xwiki.rendering.syntax.Syntax getOutputSyntax()' has been added to an interface
331 {{/code}}
332 )))
333 * Not really been removed but now return Object. Breaks code building that use this method but should be ok for runtime.(((
334 {{code language="none"}}
335 com.xpn.xwiki.XWiki: Method 'public com.xpn.xwiki.render.XWikiRenderingEngine getRenderingEngine()' has been removed
336 {{/code}}
337 )))
338 * Not used since a long time now (XWikiRenderingEngine is a component) and impossible to implement it without a trigerring most of the old rendering engine.(((
339 {{code language="none"}}
340 com.xpn.xwiki.XWiki: Method 'public void setRenderingEngine(com.xpn.xwiki.render.XWikiRenderingEngine)' has been removed
341 {{/code}}
342 )))
343 * Young API. Added handling of URL parameters(((
344 {{code language="none"}}
345 org.xwiki.url.ExtendedURL: In method 'public ExtendedURL(' the number of arguments has changed
346 {{/code}}
347 )))
348 * Never supposed to be an API(((
349 {{code language="none"}}
350 com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.scheduler.StatusListener: Class com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.scheduler.StatusListener removed
351 {{/code}}
352 )))
353 * Young API. Remove useless Session argument since the MimeMessage will be given a valid Session when it's deserialized from the mail content store for sending.(((
354 {{code language="none"}}
355 org.xwiki.mail.MimeMessageFactory: In method 'public java.lang.Object createMessage(javax.mail.Session, java.lang.Object, java.util.Map)' the number of arguments has changed
356 {{/code}}
357 )))
358 * Young API. Allow load a single message status and added sorting capabilities for multiple statuses.(((
359 {{code language="none"}}
360 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusStore: In method 'public java.util.List load(java.util.Map, int, int)' the number of arguments has changed
361 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusStore: Return type of method 'public java.util.List load(java.util.Map, int, int)' has been changed to org.xwiki.mail.MailStatus
362 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusStore: Method 'public java.util.List load(java.util.Map, int, int, java.lang.String, boolean)' has been added to an interface
363 {{/code}}
364 )))
365 * Young API. Added explicit batchId argument to stop storing batchId in mime headers.(((
366 {{code language="none"}}
367 org.xwiki.mail.MailContentStore: In method 'public void save(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage)' the number of arguments has changed
368 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatus: In method 'public MailStatus(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, org.xwiki.mail.MailState)' the number of arguments has changed
369 {{/code}}
370 )))
371 * Young API. Improve states and listener to provide more detailled and better reporting.(((
372 {{code language="none"}}
373 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onError(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, java.lang.Exception, java.util.Map)' has been removed
374 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onPrepare(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, java.util.Map)' has been removed
375 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onPrepareBegin(java.lang.String, java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
376 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onPrepareEnd(java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
377 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onPrepareFatalError(java.lang.Exception, java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
378 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onPrepareMessageError(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, java.lang.Exception, java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
379 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onPrepareMessageSuccess(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
380 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onSendMessageError(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, java.lang.Exception, java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
381 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onSendMessageFatalError(java.lang.String, java.lang.Exception, java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
382 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onSendMessageSuccess(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, java.util.Map)' has been added to an interface
383 org.xwiki.mail.MailListener: Method 'public void onSuccess(javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage, java.util.Map)' has been removed
384 org.xwiki.mail.MailState: Removed field FAILED
385 org.xwiki.mail.MailState: Removed field READY
386 org.xwiki.mail.MailState: Removed field SENT
387 {{/code}}
388 )))
389 * Young API. Large refactoring for adding the ability to register new URL Resource Types(((
390 {{code language="none"}}
391 org.xwiki.resource.AbstractResourceReference: Parameter 2 of 'public void addParameter(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)' has changed its type to java.lang.Object
392 org.xwiki.resource.ResourceReference: Parameter 2 of 'public void addParameter(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)' has changed its type to java.lang.Object
393 org.xwiki.resource.ResourceReferenceHandlerManager: Method 'public boolean canHandle(java.lang.Object)' has been added to an interface
394 org.xwiki.resource.ResourceReferenceResolver: Removed field TYPE_URL
395 org.xwiki.resource.ResourceReferenceResolver: In method 'public org.xwiki.resource.ResourceReference resolve(java.lang.Object, java.util.Map)' the number of arguments has changed
396 org.xwiki.resource.ResourceType: Method 'public org.xwiki.resource.ResourceType fromString(java.lang.String)' has been removed
397 {{/code}}
398 )))
399 * Young API. This method should not have been public from the start(((
400 {{code language="none"}}
401 org.xwiki.mail.script.AbstractMailScriptService: Accessibility of method 'public org.xwiki.mail.script.ScriptMailResult sendAsynchronously(java.lang.Iterable, org.xwiki.mail.MailListener, boolean)' has been decreased from public to protected
402 {{/code}}
403 )))
404 * Young API. Rename MimeMessageWrapper into ScriptMimeMessage (not a wrapper anymore). Velocity scripts are not affected by the change.(((
405 {{code language="none"}}
406 org.xwiki.mail.script.MailSenderScriptService: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.mail.script.MimeMessageWrapper createMessage(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object, java.util.Map)' has been changed to org.xwiki.mail.script.ScriptMimeMessage
407 org.xwiki.mail.script.MailSenderScriptService: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.mail.script.MimeMessageWrapper createMessage(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object)' has been changed to org.xwiki.mail.script.ScriptMimeMessage
408 org.xwiki.mail.script.MailSenderScriptService: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.mail.script.MimeMessageWrapper createMessage()' has been changed to org.xwiki.mail.script.ScriptMimeMessage
409 org.xwiki.mail.script.MailSenderScriptService: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.mail.script.MimeMessageWrapper createMessage(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)' has been changed to org.xwiki.mail.script.ScriptMimeMessage
410 org.xwiki.mail.script.MailSenderScriptService: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.mail.script.MimeMessageWrapper createMessage(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String)' has been changed to org.xwiki.mail.script.ScriptMimeMessage
411 org.xwiki.mail.script.MimeMessageWrapper: Class org.xwiki.mail.script.MimeMessageWrapper removed
412 {{/code}}
413 )))
414 * Young API. Change of API to fix bug in waitForProcessin(). Scripting API has not been broken, only the Java API has(((
415 {{code language="none"}}
416 org.xwiki.mail.MailResult: Method 'public boolean isProcessed()' has been removed
417 org.xwiki.mail.MailResult: Method 'public void waitTillProcessed(long)' has been removed
418 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusResult: Method 'public long getProcessedMailCount()' has been added to an interface
419 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusResult: Method 'public long getSize()' has been removed
420 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusResult: Method 'public long getTotalMailCount()' has been added to an interface
421 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusResult: Method 'public boolean isProcessed()' has been added to an interface
422 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusResult: Method 'public void waitTillProcessed(long)' has been added to an interface
423 org.xwiki.mail.MailStatusResult: Method 'public java.util.Iterator getAllErrors()' has been added to an interface
424 {{/code}}
425 )))
426 * Young API. Class moved to the "script" package. Script service usage is unchanged.(((
427 {{code language="none"}}
428 org.xwiki.mail.MailStorageScriptService: Class org.xwiki.mail.MailStorageScriptService removed
429 {{/code}}
430 )))

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