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38 38  * Account Validation email results are now saved and visible in the [[Mail Application>>extensions:Extension.Mail Application]].
39 39  * Some new [[Mail Sender Storage script services>>extensions:Extension.Mail Sender Storage]] have been added: ability to delete mail statuses for a single mail and for a whole batch, and ability to load mail statuses with criteria.
40 40  * When messages are sent with the API they are now persisted locally before they are effectively sent, one by one. This means that even if XWiki crashes when mails are being sent, their statuses will be correctly displayed in the [[Mail Sender Status Admin UI>>extensions:Extension.Mail Application]] and can be resent.
41 +* The Java API has been modified to use Strings in all places where it was previously using a UUID, in order to allow for change in unique id generation in the future.
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42 42  == Miscellaneous ==
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