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11 11  [[Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for <version>>>http://jira.xwiki.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=<fill id here>]].
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13 -== <feature N> ==
13 +== Mail Sender API Improvements ==
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15 -<description of feature N>
15 +* You can now specify the delay to wait between each mail being sent, in milliseconds. This is done to support mail throttling and not be considered a spammer by mail servers. For example if you wish to wait 10 seconds (if not specified the default is 8 seconds, which is 450 mails per hour), set the following in your ##xwiki.properties##:(((
16 +{{code language="none"}}
17 +mail.sender.sendWaitTime = 10000
18 +{{/code}}
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20 +The configuration parameter can also be changed from the [[Mail Admin UI>>extensions:Extension.Mail Application]]:
21 +
22 +{{image reference="[email protected]"/}}
23 +)))
24 +* We now save both an error summary and a full error description when a mail fails to be sent when using the Database Mail Listener. This allows to see the full stack trace of the problem to more easily debug it.(((
25 +{{image reference="[email protected]"/}}
26 +)))
27 +* The Mail Type is now displayed in the [[Mail Sender Status Admin UI>>extensions:Extension.Mail Application]]:(((
28 +{{image reference="[email protected]"/}}
29 +)))
30 +* The ##MailResult.isSent()## API has been renamed to ##MailResult.isProcessed()## to avoid thinking that it'll return true if all mails have been sent successfully. What it does is simply return true when all mails have been processed, whether they've been sent successfully or not.
31 +* A new scripting API has been added to set the mail type:(((
32 +{{code language="none"}}
33 +$message.setType("Some type")
34 +{{/code}}
35 +)))
36 +* In the [[Mail Sender Status Admin UI>>extensions:Extension.Mail Application]] we now only display mails sent by the current wiki unless we're on the main wiki.
37 +* The [[Mail Application>>extensions:Extension.Mail Application]] doesn't require Programming Rights for installation anymore.
38 +* Account Validation email results are now saved and visible in the [[Mail Application>>extensions:Extension.Mail Application]].
39 +* Some new [[Mail Sender Storage script services>>extensions:Extension.Mail Sender Storage]] have been added: ability to delete mail statuses for a single mail and for a whole batch, and ability to load mail statuses with criteria.
40 +* When messages are sent with the API they are now persisted locally before they are effectively sent, one by one. This means that even if XWiki crashes when mails are being sent, their statuses will be correctly displayed in the [[Mail Sender Status Admin UI>>extensions:Extension.Mail Application]] and can be resent.
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17 17  == Miscellaneous ==
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19 19  <insert misc user stuff and important bug fix descriptions here in a list, when they are too small to warrant a section by themselves - Change the version in the URL below!>

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