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18 18  * In this release, we're now providing an easy way to install SOLR as an external server. When doing this change, we moved a plugin inside the SOLR index directory. Thus, if you're using XWiki with SOLR in embedded mode (the default), when you upgrade, this plugin will not be present in your SOLR directory and XWiki will fail to start. To work around this problem, you'll need to remove the ##<permanent directory>/solr/## directory (which will trigger a new reindexing when you next start XWiki). This will be [[fixed in XWiki 6.4.1>>]].
19 19  * The main CSS is often badly generated, [[this will be fixed in 6.4.1>>]].
20 20  * [[HTML exports are taking very long>>]] (over 1 minute to export a single page). Thus if you're using this feature, we recommend waiting for 6.4.1 and not upgrading to 6.4.
21 +* [[The HTML export is broken for flamingo (fixed in 6.4.1)>>]].
22 +* [[You cannot use a JNDI DataSource with this version>>]].
21 21  {{/error}}
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23 23  = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 6.3) =

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