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106 106  [[{{image reference="descriptor-improvement1.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:descriptor-improvement1.png]] [[{{image reference="descriptor-improvement2.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:descriptor-improvement2.png]]
107 107  * When the user creates a new wiki, without a template, a message is displayed to explain him the Distribution Wizard will be started to initialize the new created wiki.
108 108  [[{{image reference="create-a-wiki-dw.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:create-a-wiki-dw.png]]
109 -* When the user create a new wiki from a template, an error is now displayed when something wrong happens:
110 -[[{{image reference="wiki-template-error.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:wiki-template-error.png]]
111 111  * In the Activity Stream, the name of the wiki where the event has happened is displayed now, if the event concerns an other wiki than the current one.
112 112  [[{{image reference="activity.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:activity.png]]
113 113  

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