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9 9  = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 4.4) =
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11 -== <feature N> ==
11 +== Translatable AppWithinMinutes apps ==
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13 -<description of feature N>
13 +The AppWithinMinutes wizard is now generating a document translation bundle for the application which allows you to traslate class field pretty names, list values (for static list fields) and live table columns names. If you have an existing application that was created with AppWithinMinutes you just have to edit and save it to get the new translation bundle.
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15 +If your wiki is setup for multilingual support then on the application home page, in the application menu, you now have an entry to translate the application. The link takes you to the document translation bundle.
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17 +{{image reference="AWM-translateAppMenu.png"/}}
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19 +When editing an application you now have the option to update the translation bundle. Note that for the moment the translation bundle (its default language) is regenerated so you may lose translation keys you added yourself. In the future we want to update the translation bundle preserving the custom keys.
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21 +{{image reference="AWM-updateTranslationsOption.png"/}}
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23 +See the [[AppWithinMinutes documentation>>extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application]] for more information.
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15 15  == Miscellaneous ==
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17 17  * The message sender is now using the new user/group picker.(((

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