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59 59  See the [[AppWithinMinutes documentation>>extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application]] for more information.
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61 +== Experimental Solr search improvements ==
62 +
63 +=== Remote Solr instance support ===
64 +
65 +You can now configure the Solr search to use a remote Solr instance instead of the embedded server that runs in the same JVM with XWiki. To do that, you have to:
66 +- set the ##solr.type## property inside the ##WEB-INF/ file from the default value of "embedded" to "remote"
67 +- set the ##solr.remote.url## property to the URL where your remote server can be accessed.
68 +
69 +Note: don't forget to uncomment (remove the leading # character) the properties when setting their values. If you do forget, the default values will be used instead of yours.
70 +
71 +There can be various reasons (security, performance, economy, etc.) why you would want to use a remote server instead of the embedded one, but you will have to make sure that you are using (or building on top of) the Solr configuration that XWiki knows how to work with.
72 +Once XWiki is started with ##solr.type## set to ##remote##, you can go to the ##XWiki.SolrSearchAdmin## page inside your wiki (main wiki, if using a multiwiki setup) and download the attached file. If contains the structure of your the Solr home directory that you can use for your remote instance. Just unzip it in a directory and set that directory to be your Solr home for your remote server.
73 +
74 +=== Improved multilingual support ===
75 +
76 +In order to properly index content of various languages and, as a consequence, obtain better search results, we have chosen the single-index-multiple-fields approach.
77 +
78 +This means that, a couple of interesting multilingual index fields (title, doccontent, comment, objcontent, propertyvalue and attcontent) are now configured as field aliases that get automatically expanded at query time to all their configured multilingual variations. Each language "variation" is of the form ##fieldName_language## (title_en, title_fr, title_ro, etc...) and contains the content indexed in a language-specific way. There also exists a ##fieldName_ml## field "variation" that is used as a form of backup, for languages outside the list of already configured ones, but is also useful in everyday queries since it does lighter analysis on the content.
79 +
80 +Example: a query on (title:test) gets converted to (title_ml:test | title_en:test | title_ro:test | title_fr:test | ...)
81 +
82 +Additionally, attachments, objects and object properties are now indexed for each of the languages of the translations of the original document to which they belong. This now allows them to be found when searching for content in a translation of a document and not just content in the language of the original document, as it was before.
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61 61  == Miscellaneous ==
62 62  
63 63  * The message sender is now using the new user/group picker.(((
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74 74  )))
75 75  * Support for searching content in Java Class file attachments [[has been temporarily dropped>>]].
76 76  * Markdown syntax support has been completely rewritten, fixing several existing bugs.
77 -* The page Main.WebHome can now safely be edited by any user who has edit permission. (In earlier releases, the AJAX suggest feature for tags would unexpectedly break if non-programmers edited the page.)
100 +* The home page (##Main.WebHome##) can now safely be edited by any user who has edit permission (In earlier releases, the AJAX suggest feature for tags would unexpectedly break if users not having Programming Rights edited the page).
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79 79  See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>]] fixed in this release.
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160 160  <issues specific to the project>
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185 +=== Changes in the experimental Solr implementation ===
186 +
187 +- The file now contains solr specific configuration, please make sure to merge it with your own. If you were previously using the ##search.solr.home## property to specify your own index directory, you need to use the new ##solr.embedded.home## property, as specified in the file.
188 +
189 +- The Solr index and configuration files have suffered major changes. When upgrading, you need to delete the ##<permanentDirectory>/solr## directory so that Solr can reinitialize it with the new configuration and index structure. Also, a reindexation is obviously required.
190 +
162 162  == API Breakages ==
163 163  
164 164  The following APIs were modified since XWiki 4.4:

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