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9 9  = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 4.4) =
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11 +== Distribution Wizard improvements ==
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13 +When upgrading from an old version that didn't have the distribution wizard, the wizard doesn't know what user interface (XAR) was previously installed (imported). This information can help the Extension Manager merge automatically the wiki pages from your database with those from the new version of the user interface.
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15 +The distribution wizard will first ask you if you are performing an upgrade.
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17 +{{image reference="DW-previousUiUpgradeQuestion.png"/}}
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19 +Then you need to specify the id and version of the previously installed user interface.
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21 +{{image reference="DW-previousUiForm.png"/}}
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23 +Finally you need to repair the specified user interface extension. This will mark the extension as installed (update the extension index without actually importing the wiki pages from the XAR).
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25 +{{image reference="DW-previousUiExtension.png"/}}
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27 +Next you can install the new version of the user interface.
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11 11  == Translatable AppWithinMinutes apps ==
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13 13  The AppWithinMinutes wizard is now generating a document translation bundle for the application which allows you to translate class field pretty names, list values (for static list fields) and live table columns names. If you have an existing application that was created with AppWithinMinutes you just have to edit and save it to get the new translation bundle.

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