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59 59  {{image reference="groupSheet-edit.png"/}}
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61 +== New 'Title' and 'Content' fields for App Within Minutes ==
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63 +We added two new field types to the field palette: Title and Content. They are very useful if you want to store some of your data in the title and/or the content of your application entries. All the rest of the field types store their values in object properties, i.e. in an object attached to the application entry. See the [[App Within Minutes documentation>>extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application||anchor="HFieldPalette"]] for more details.
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65 +{{image reference="AWM-fieldPalette.png"/}}
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61 61  == Miscellaneous ==
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63 63  * Search Admin UI improvements ({{jira style="enum" url=""}}XWIKI-8408{{/jira}}):(((
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87 87  In addition there was an XWiki REST API refactoring done with the introduction of a new ##xwiki-platform-rest-api## module containing all resource declarations. This is important for client and modules willing to use the REST API so that they can have all the information about resources using Java annotation. See [[XWiki RESTful API>>platform:Features.XWikiRESTfulAPI]].
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95 +== Easy creation of new XClass property types ==
96 +
97 +It's now possible to create your own [[XClass property types>>platform:DevGuide.DataModel||anchor="HXWikiClasses2CObjects2CandProperties"]] without having to patch XWiki's old core. [[Adding a new property type>>platform:DevGuide.CreatingNewXClassPropertyTypes]] is as easy as implementing a component. This means you can extend the [[class editor>>platform:Features.PageEditing||anchor="HClasseseditingmode"]] and even the [[App Within Minutes>>extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application||anchor="HFieldPalette-1"]].
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89 89  == Execution context property declarations ==
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91 91  Execution context properties can now be associated with various metadata attributes. See [[the documentation on the execution context>>doc:platform:DevGuide.SavingData||anchor="HExecutionContext"]] for more information.

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