Release Notes for XWiki Workspaces Milestone 2

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24

Release Notes for XWiki Workspaces Milestone 2

Changes from XWiki Workspaces Milestone 1

  • Bug
    • XWS-5 - Permanently deleting a space doesn't work
    • XWS-11 - Workspace creation form data is not cleared after workspace creation
    • XWS-20 - Gallery "folders" display problem
    • XWS-21 - Exception when editing an existing blog post
    • XWS-24 - Page information and XWiki Syntax panels appear when editing a space home
    • XWS-31 - On IE7 the division between the content and the what's new gets munged
  • Improvement
    • XWS-6 - Merge the Admin XWiki Toolbar with menus from XE
    • XWS-9 - Use activitystream plugin for space streams
    • XWS-34 - Add a distribution-test module
    • XWS-35 - Make XWS usable with albatross and toucan skins
    • XWS-36 - Hide wysiwyg options that generates {style} macros
  • New Feature
    • XWS-2 - Implement a search inside workspaces
    • XWS-4 - Space User Directory
    • XWS-8 - Background color selection per workspace

Known issues

Issues we know about

Upgrading from XWiki Workspaces Milestone 1

The process to upgrade an existing WAR installation of XWiki Workspaces Milestone 1 to Milestone 2 is very similar as the one described here for XWiki Enterprise. You will need to save your configuration files (xwiki.cfg and hibernate.cfg.xml) in order to keep the new war working with your environment. XWiki Workspaces Milestone 2 introduces a new hibernate mapping file for the activity streams, thus you will also need to merge hibernate.cfg.xml. (Refer to Activity Stream Plugin to add the mapping file to your configuration).

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